Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Last friday, I skipped my AddMath tuition and went to I-City with my relatives. * Argh! Exam is coming soon, but I still can skip my tuition :(

Reached there by almost 10.30 p.m. It was pretty late right? But, don't worry, there will be close at 4 a.m. * Information from the guard there You just need to pay Rm10 for a car that enter, and that will be your entrance fee. It is cheap! Strongly recommend you all to go there and see the views, the lights are extremely beautiful :D I-City is at somewhere in Shah Alam. Free to drop by there and take a look, you wont regret for sure :)

Okays, photos time :

Ticket. 1 ticket can use for 5 person.

The christmas tree?

Penguin :D

Both of my sisters, I'm the photographer ;D

Snapped these to find its right angle lol

Yup, they are my relatives that come from China. They came here to visit us. Tell you something. The left side that guy, he is 30 years old now, the pink colour shirt 1 is his wife, and the other 1 is his grandfather. If follow the position in my family, he has to call me as ' aunty' - 阿姨 :x He has 3 children now, so his sons & daughter, need to call me as ' grandmother ' - 婆婆 Woots! I can't believe that I'm already so OLD already! :x Funny right? xD

Hope they do enjoy their trip here :D They have went back already. Opps :x I miss them.

Yea, I'm the tallest 1 among my sisters. So, automatically I look like the eldest 1, sad :(

With my relatives. You can't find me inside right? I have told you, I'm the photographer ;D

Marvelous right? This is the place that I love the most among all the views there. Seriously, the lights are so colourful. Im so in love with that :D

There are few rows of these colourful light trees.

LOL! Don't you feel that this place is so familiar? Yup, this is the place that Fahrenheit filmed the advertisement for Canon Ixus 210.

You can see the video here :

Remember? It shows at Astro oftenly.

Okays, that's all for today. Next post - Day out at GENTING :)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Finally, I want to start my Famine 30 post after a week I went there. * Applause * I think I'm the last one ( among my friends ) to post about this :x Okays, actually I'm quite lazy to update already, but since I have promised I will post about this after I went.

21/8/2010 ( Saturday )

First, credits Sinpeng's mum & Cathssy's father for fetching me to Xingti's house and the destination - HELP University College Main Block. Waited my group members to reach after the registeration time because some of them don't know how to come. * Luckily we were not the last group :D We were group number 12/36 Sounds weird right? Number 12 & 36. Yea, every groups also got 2 numbers. One for games sessions, another for us to take bus.

Yeah, no doubt, the pretty girl that took the card '36' was my group leader, Hui Pin. She is a nice & soft girl. We like her :D

Let's introduce the emcees for this year, MARCUS & VIN. Marcus was incharged for English, and Vin was incharged for Chinese translate.

The left 1 is Marcus, the right 1 is Vin.

Game session : Ice breaker 1

Opening ceremony after that. Roshan & William were visited to come here and gave some speech about Famine 30.

Continued with Famine Challenge 1 - Survive Past Five. How to play this game? Well, let me explain a little bit. We were given a paper that contained some information about 'you'. Then we gonna move back or in front with the instruction that given by the volunteers there. So, we will know that 'you' are belong to healthy or unhealthy 1.

Stand in a row before we started.

The instructions given by the volunteers.

Moved back or in front. I'm the healthy 1, so i kept moved in front. :D

We were given a sticker and sticked it to the white towel. Pink colour means dead, green colour means alive and yellow colour means half half. I'm in the 'Australia' 1, so you can see that there are all are alive. Unfortunately, some of the countries, the people there are hard to survive :X God bless them.

Next session : Ice Breaker 2. We were asked to complete the requests that they wanted. The photos must involved all of us ( the group members ) inside. * I don't have the photos :x

Some video sharing at 4.30-5 p.m

This is why I can survive for so long :) Water is a need for us!

We started our next Famine Challenge 2 - Living in the Streets at 5.30 p.m. Yup, this game will last for 4 hours. Instruction : We are kids that are very very very poor, no food, no living place, no money... So, we gonna find some jobs to earn money to change food points. Each people must have 10 food points ( means 1 group must contain 100 food points ). For those money left, it consider as your group's earning. At last, there will be winner for the game.

All of us were busy making our 'clothes' with newspapers given.

We must sleep to earn 'chop' so that we wont get caught when polices want to check us.

First get first serve LOL. We need bottles to change money.

All of us were so tired after the game :X

Then , we can washed up and prepared to sleep. Well, we went lobby there to gossip since we were not sleepy yet. Marcus joined us after that. LOL! He is so funny lar XD

Gossiping x)

They all went to sleep at 1 something. I can't sleep tight at all because I didn't bring sleeping bag :x So, i woke up at 5.30 a.m * Quite early right and walked around with kahchuah cause we got nothing to do.

Warm-up session at 7.30 a.m

Prize Giving + Photo session after that. Yup, we got number 4 for the Famine Challenge 2 - Living in the Streets. Thanks, my group members! :D

The only group photo that I found :x Oh!!! I miss you all guys :D

Headed to Stadium Putra ( Bukit Jalil ) at 10 a.m. This is what we were waiting for! ;D Let's rock the stadium~! Well, Im lazy to describe the whole concert, if you got read newspaper, I think you will know who got performed. We have a high-five bread & V-soy for the break fast. Gosh! That was so tasty after I have fast for 30hours :)

Yea, it is worth for me to participate in this camp - Famine 30. Im sure that I will go for next year too :) Hope that people can help those kids to survive. Light up their life :)

Help campers and all the volunteers :D You guys rock!

For more details, I suggest you all to view these blogs: Jwen, Joee & Kenke.

Photos from : Ong Chia Wei

Thursday, August 26, 2010


Do you like K-Pop? Im a big fan of k-pop, of course, i got listen to other songs too. Yeah, Im not that kind of people who just concentrate on 1 artist, I enjoy listen to other artists too if they are talented. But i will pay more attention to certain group like TVXQ, SUPER JUNIOR, F(X), SHINEE and SNSD!!! ;D Yup, i like SM artist more compare to others xD

For your information, SNSD is going to debut at Japan. * I think you guys know who are SNSD right? Gee gee gee gee baby baby baby~ Here is the video for their first japanese song, GENIE


Seriously, this is so nice isn't it? xD I like both of the version too! If you haven't watch the korea 1, here is it:

1 word to describe them: BRAVO! ;D

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


She, becomes part of my family when i was still Form1. Yup, she is my 'kakak - maid' that came from Indonesia. My parents hired a maid not because we are rich * NO, this is absolutely NOT! :x

She lived with us 5 years already. She learnt a lot from my parents. She knew how to cook chinese food, she knew when is our chinese festival and more... But she decided to go back to see her son and maybe... She will not come back after that already :x Yea, she went back last Sunday, when i was still in the camp. I took the opportunity to take photo with her before i left my house.

She and me :)

Although sometimes she will get angry, but i will feel uneasy without her beside

Now, i gonna do all the stuffs by myself. Wash clothes, wash plates, wash shoes, prepare my breakfast... Ohhh! Now i only realise she is how important for me :x Kakak! I miss you! Hope you will come back :)

Monday, August 23, 2010


Oh yeah~! You know what? I was came back from Famine 30 last night ;) It was a WONDERFUL + MEANINGFUL camp, i swear! I learnt a lot from this camp. I do enjoyed when i was suffering from hunger for 30 hours. But actually i was not hungry at all O.O * Surprise me too xD

Well, i didnt bring camera there. I just used my hp to capture some photos only :X So, i gonna wait them ( the photographer from the camp ) to post those photos first then only i can blog :) Hope you guys can wait for my post ya! Thanks.

My group number, 36 / 12

Drawing from: Guan Ming

Friday, August 20, 2010


The world vision : FAMINE 30 is going to be hold on this Saturday. Yes, im going for the FAMINE 30 camp at HELP COLLEGE. * Persuade by my friends LOL! Hooray! Skip school that day x) Cause our school got class replace for Hari Raya's holiday. We got the pass to skip it XD

I'm very first time joining this program - FAMINE 30 also known as 饥饿30. I was told by my friends that the camp was fun! So, i decided to try this :) Hope i can starve for 30 hours without eating any food. I'll blog it after i come back from the camp for sure! :D

The logo for FAMINE 30

A child is waiting for you HELP!
Please help them with your heart :)

You've got the power to light them up! :D
Share your happiness with them.

Try your best to help the children.
They need you

Here are some info about the FAMINE 30 camp:

Date: 21/8 ( Saturday ) until 22/8 ( Sunday )
Time: 10a.m ( Saturday ) until 4p.m ( Sunday )

Location: ( Saturday ) : HELP University College ( Main Campus ), Pusat Bandar Damansara; ( Sunday ) : Stadium Putra Bukit Jalil

Can't wait for that day! Okays, gonna sleep now! * Is 12.56a.m already :x