Sunday, May 31, 2009

31 may 2009

today go out again wif yenny = =
tis time v go midvalley

while her kaima go watch movie
me n yenny go shopping together at there
n v hav buy 1 shirt at jusco

today baskin robbin got discount
v buy 1 pint of ice-cream to eat
damn!!!! expensive lar
buy wrong T__T
RM18 for 1 pint lehh
my money fly away!!!!!

strawberry + chocolate chip favourite

me + yenny

Saturday, May 30, 2009

30 may 2009

well, starting from today is skol holiday ald..
2 WEEKS!!!! can say boring?? or happy??
BORING = nth to do during holiday
HAPPY = finally can go out wif frenz after exam

yes after skol go sing K wif yenny
i wait n wait n wait, 2smth oni cum n fetch me
lol, coz too boring, slept tat time
reach 1U, saw many students [ wearing skol uniform ]
expected, after skol sure go out 1

neway aso full wif students
but luckyly, v hav book room ald
v sing until 7pm, juz RM5+ for 1 ppl
so cheap~ coz got member card mahh xD
after tat they say wan go watch movie
but d time not match
so v go n eat at 旺角餐厅
1st time go there, quite nice [ d restaurant ]
v eat till 9smth oni go back
quite tired,
so din on9 n straight go sleep at 10smth xD

Thursday, May 28, 2009

28 may 2009

today - happy teacher's day
many ppl din cum to skol
w.shya din cum say she will cum bt at laz aso din cum
ceh, fang me aeroplane @@

tis year d performance damn boring larr
i think can see d oni got
- hip hop dance, diabolo, form6'z band n tat indian dance
lol, damn funny lar d indian dance
d 3 percent dance sorry sorry from super junior leh
so surprise, bt damn happy!! xD

after recess go back to our claz
coz teacher r having jamuan n games
me n pui mun walk here walk there to get signature for HC buftday
n today shumeen got bring her electro guitar cum
yeng man, white color 1
c they play d guitar
cool~~ so envy them leh
i aso wan to learn guitarrrrrrr =)

p/s: 端午节快乐!!!! :D


Wednesday, May 27, 2009

27 may 2009

2molo skol having teacher's day
my leg sure suffer at tat time!!

now all my sub still mantain at A
i hope d following paper aso can get A
espeacially bc, bm n moral!!!!

to be alone
i treasure the friendship
i hope u 2
dun let me dissapointed

Sunday, May 24, 2009

25 may 2009

d day after exam
wow!!! shuang!!
11smth w.shya cum my huz
v plan to go swimming together cum after her xue ji meeting
then go together wif my sis
1st time go swimming wif them
but veli enjoy xD
n can learn more things from
hope still got next time lar!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

22 may 2009

well.. mid-year exam finally over!!!
yahooo!!! xD
is time to relax now
tis 2 weeks realli suffer a lot
yesterday read sj till 230am
now veli veli veli tired
n having headache T___T

after exam, i wan to do many things tat i cant do during exam
i wan chase drama!!!
i wan hang out wif my BUDDY!!!
i wan on9 till midnite!!!
i wan learn photoshop!!!
i wan buy computer!!!
i wan go swimming!!!
i wan go gathering!!!
n so on, i hav many things tat i wan to do xD

but, after exam
nid to worrying abt results
T___T i realli hope i can get all paz
n summore get few A's lerr!!! A2 aso no problem
at least got A then ok ler
damn worry abt add math, bm, bc n eko!!!!
pls paz!!!!!

wat i wan to do is...
go n sleep!!!!
heheeeeeee =)

Thursday, May 14, 2009

14 may 2009

tis week is exam week!!!!
all aso bz for studying
aih.. i almost everynite after 10 oni start study...
veli tired aa!!!
mon 130, tue 200, wed 230 [ time i go sleep]
1 day late than 1 day..
cham lor!!!
after exam i sure wan sleep till cukup-cukup!!!
i hope faz faz paz tis 2 weeks..
realli betahan ald...
cant face d result ald..
i noe tis time my result will be sucks!!!!
aihh.. cant blame anyone..
im d 1 hu din study...
still got 1 more week to go..

Saturday, May 9, 2009

9 may 2009

yesterday our claz hav a performance on stage at assembly
for d eng fortnite closing ceremony
nervous!!! 1st time v perform at stage
lol.. make many mistake
becoz d pA sistem too cha~~
but nvm, well done 4B!!!!
although not as well as tat day v did at dewan..
but at least v enjoy it!!!

miz those day v practise...
time paz so faz...
our eng singing comp end like tis...
n becum a memorable thing to us

next week is exam week ald..
but till now i aso haven start my revision yet..
die for all sub... especially bm, sj n blablabla~
dun care, my parents aso wont cum n take d lar
but i will gambateh for it..
hope wont get it lar.. pray for it!!!


4B-ians luv u all

gud luck for everyone
sc claz n art claz frenz to0

Monday, May 4, 2009

4 may 2009

today is d eng koir singing comp..
v hav almost 2 month to practise for tis comp..
n all of us ( 4B-ians ) putting so much effort on it..
n today is d day... v gonna go up stage n perform..

be4 recess.. v still having our practising at foyer..
so tired.. sing sing sing n sing..
never ending..
v get to noe tat our claz is d 1st claz to perform..
OMG!!! v r so nervous tat time..
but no choice.. v hav to follow...

be4 d comp start..
v put on kuek kuek giv us d ribern.. a red ribern..
then faz faz go line up ouside d dewan..
v sing as usual like when v practise..
n ending wif heigh-ho..

d result will be announce on assembly 2molo..
but in my heart, 4B is d winner!!!!
i luv u all!!!
thx our BI teaher, pn.yap
n other teachers tat support us
giv us time to practise during their period...
guitarlist, drummer, pianolist, leader, conductor n so on..
of coz my claz!!! 4b-ians..
u make me proud of u all..
well done claz..
im happy tat im in tis claz ^^V

Friday, May 1, 2009

1 may 2009

today is holiday...
no school!!! xD suppose is veli happy 1..
but... early in the morning...
8a.m!!!! got add math tuition claz!!!
aihh... wan study add math when juz wake up...
so 'gud'?!!! but today veli accidentally...
when tuitioning.. i veli concentrate on wat teacher teaching..
tis time i din sleep!!!! xD
so proud of myself.. heeheee

when finish tuition...
call sin peng to fetch me back.. hahaa
then faz faz go bath n go out again...
tis time go times square again wif my sis..
go neway cheong k lo~~
aih!!! d food... not nice lar!!!!!
i more prefer to redbox!! hahaa..
then after tat... go hang gai lor...
sis shops for clothes...
aih... if got money i sure buy 1!!!!!!
i wan earn money aa!!!
tis few month veli poor T___T

still got 1 more week!!!!!!
then mid-year exam ald..
till now... i aso haven start my revision...
going to die....
i think i will fail many subject...