Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's my very first time using iPhone to blog. I used to prefer using lappy to blog but now I feel like trying this as all my photos are in my phone, I'm quite lazy to transfer the photos to my computer. Anyway, I guess it's quite convenience to use phone to blog huh? I can blog and update at anytime ;D *wink

Okay! Let's talk about my holiday. I planned to work to earn incomes for myself but I failed to do so ): this whole holiday I was going out for every weekends and kept spending like nobody business *cry I'm so damn poor now #SADMAXXX by the way, I'm kinda enjoy, one day trip with my bunch of friends, performing, Shopping and fooling around, never regret of it still. (: I still do not wish to go back to my college life now ): #MissMyHolidaysss

Genting one day trip with the buddies :D Love chilling at Genting, too bad that I can't purchase starbucks on that day, if not it will be more perfect.
Another one day trip again, heading to Pulau Ketam! :D First time been there, it's quite surprising for me cause you can't see cars at there.
Have my driving lessons and test on this holiday FINALLY!
Guess what? I PASS THE TEST! I've my P license now! :D
First time performing! It's a great experience! And thanks them for giving me supports! Love you guys!
Guess what song were we dancing? It's OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!
With the OMGalz as well :D
Again, second time performing at Sunway Pyramid for Ellui Opening Ceremony :D
First time makeup by myself :D Love curling my hair :D