Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's time to say goodbye to year 2011. 2 days left before the new year approaches to us. What have you done for so far? In the year of 2011, what makes you laugh? Sad? Cheer? I believe that we do create a lot of memories for this year right? (:

The first 2 things that happened in year 2011 for me are PLKN and college life. Seriously, I really miss the bunch of friends that been through with me at there. NS life is much more enjoyable than college life. I didn't regret I chose to attend the 3months training at Bidor, Perak. You guys rock the camp! :D Thank you for creating such a great memory for me, appreciate a lot!

Well, 2011 is also the first year that I enrolled in college life, TARC. I get to know new friends from different areas. Assignments and finals start to make my life miserable, especially group assignments. I've no idea why some of the group mates can just contribute nothing for the whole assignments and get the marks like that. Aren't they feel shame? I do feel so if I'm the one. Okay, not to talk about assignments again. Well, I've learnt a lot of things for these few months. Friends problem never fail to me be sensitive again. I know, I shouldn't think of it again. Why do we have to care someone who doesn't care you at all? I learnt it, and I'll never do it again. Sorry to say that, you are out from my life. I won't care you anymore. Actually from what you can see, college life has make me depress for quite a lot of times. D:

You know what? I do really want to enjoy my DECEMBER life. BUT, final really screw me up. My final is on 31st of december. HELL YEAH! It's 31st! I can't even go for year end sales this few days. WHAT A SAD CASE! I don't care, after the first paper I'm going for countdown still, who cares? :D By the way, I'm not going to blog in these 2 weeks since I need to face my finals. *HATE IT*

Here's my new year resolutions:

1. WORK! Gonna find some part time jobs after my finals D: I NEED TO EARN MONEY!!! *Facing bankruptcy now D:
2. PLAY HARD, STUDY SMART! :D That's always my goal anyways. hehe!
3. MAINTAIN/UPGRADE MY RESULTS! Well, I do really hope that I can score 3.8 and above.
4. TRAVEL TO ANYWHERE! Hope my taiwan trip with family will be ON! And I will love to have some trips with my beloved friends too :D
5. MAKE IMPROVEMENTS. I really hope that I can make improvement in my dancing skills. I will never give up again, NEVER! Of course, in singing too. Gahh, I just love to sing :D hehe!
6. SHOP LIKE A BOSS! hohoho! If I'm able to earn money, of course I hope to buy myself some goodies. I wish to dress myself nicely too ._.
7. LOSS SOME WEIGHT! Okay, I wonder why it's so just hard for me to loss some weight -.- I wanna be slim too lar D:
8. FAIR SKIN! Other than loss weights, another impossible for me too is to have a fair skin ._. I'm just so envious those people who has a fair skin ):
9. LEARN HOW TO MAKE UP. I have zero knowledge about make up! I really have to learn it already. I don't wanna be a burden again D:
10. GET MY LICENSE! HELL YEAH! I haven't get my license yet -.- Now I regret why I didn't get it last year. I wish to drive now, at least I can go anywhere by myself.


An unforgettable celebration with my babes on Christmas Eve :D
Thank you girls & guys (;


Sunday, December 18, 2011


HI EARTHLINGS! December is really a hectic month for me. I've been busy for this and that for couple weeks already. As you can see from my blog achieve, I only able to blog for 2 posts a month ._. #Fail Of course, LAZY is another reason. LOL! But I swear, this 2 weeks I'm really busy for my assignments and co-cu stuff :D Somehow, I feel so tired and really want to take a rest. But all the things like never end at all. Thanks god, I'm done with all now. BUT! Final is approaching soon. WTH, 31 of December is the first day of final. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I still wanna go for countdown laaaa ): Fine, talk about it later.

Co-cu day is one of the TARC's event for every semester 1 and 2. Many of them dislike to study at TARC because of this reason, cause everyone MUST join one co-cu and pass the course. If you fail it, then you have to repeat it again. Sounds horrible right? But actually it's quite fun. I've joined contemporary dance. We have to dance 3 songs during the co-cu day, which are rock & roll, hip hop and para para sakura. I know you will be asking this, 'Why para para sakura is in the list?' Seriously, I don't know why too. LOL!

I'm the leader of my group, Static shots. Sorry for not being a good leader ): We've gone through a lot of problems before the competition. Although we might hate each other for sometimes, but what I can say is you guys really improved a lot and made it at last. Even though we can't get any prizes, but it's worth waiting for so long and done it together. Love you guys (;


Look of the day. Was acting as a guy for Rock & Roll session :D Feel so uncomfortable with make up, especially the eyes lashes D: Seriously, I've zero knowledge of make up at all. I think I should have learn it already ._.


The pretty one, Jo ann (;


Pretty girls



The team members: Stephany, Presley & Pei Yee


Team members :D Kmaey & Jo ann


My partner :DDD


The girl who always fetch me to college, Reiko :D


What a cool post?


Non-stop camwhore LOL!


The lucky guy, chuan with 2 girls!


WOOTS! The girl who always accompany me to go back with public transport, May Ling



Dined in at Papa Jones afterwards


LAST: Camwhore in the car. LOL! Btw, I love the effect of the fluffy hair d:

That's all for today! :D Hope you guys enjoy all the photos although I didn't write a lot for the captions. I promise I will update often when I've time (;

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Guys, so sorry for abandoning my blog again ._. I think there's no more excuse for me to explain again. Everything because of LAZY! D: I'm not a good blogger indeed ): *Shame on myself*

It's December now, the last month of the year. What have you did for the whole year? It's time for us to consider about the new goals for next year and reflect about what we've done again. Seriously, college's life pass really fast indeed. One sem = 4months, unlike secondary school life. I don't really realize that it has come to end year already. Pretty miss my secondary life ): Well, I do enjoy my life now even though it's quite busy.

December is really a busy month for me. I've final on 29 of December. HELL YEAH!!! It stuck in between Christmas and New Year! No way! I wanna go for countdown and celebration la! How could I miss the big celebrations?! A BIG NO RIGHT?! :D So, I've to start doing revision by now. Quote: Saying is always louder than action LOL!!! Well, every time I told myself to do revision, but I end up with nothing for sure. WHY AM I BEING SO LAZY?! D: *Slap myself* I really want to score and maintain excellent results since I've to prove to my parents that I can balance studies and dancing.

I should stop craps and go for my topic of the day right? LOL! *Well, I always like to crap instead of speaking the topic. You'll know it if you've followed my twitter LOL!* I've joined a flashmob which being held at Sunway Pyramid last week. You know what? It's really fun! Especially with the TREN's members :D *HUGS* It's a special performance for Bizzy Body's campaign. Anyone saw it? LOL!!!


Tren's family :D There are 30+ of them who joined this event if I'm not mistaken.


Kept practising for the event. But we ain't tired at all :D


After the event. There were so many different costumes for the flashmob: School uniforms, casual wears, office ladies/guys and so on.


Went for MCD after the event :D

I don't have the video for the flashmob cause they haven't upload it yet. *Still in progressing* But I do have the another video for Born This Way by the 'Lady Gagas' *From Tren too* Check it out! *Here*

I'm not a dancer indeed. I'm just in love with dancing although I'm suck in it LOL! I really wish to dance like others who are really pro in dancing one. For this time, I will not give up again. Gonna remind myself why should I start it and why don't hold it until the end? Say 'GO FOR IT' to myself, I can do it right? (:

If you're interested in dancing, I'll suggest you to go for Tren's dancing studio (: Check out their information at here.

Saturday, November 12, 2011


Is time to blog again! :D Actually I'm doing revision for Mass Media & Society. In the half way, my mind is stuck when I can't find the chapter that I want to study in the text book. GRRR!!! Sometimes, the notes given are just so different with text books. It's really confusing! So, I choose to blog instead of reading LOL! *Grin*

Basically, I bet you guys will be familiar with the venue that I went to recently. YESH! It's no other than ONE UTAMA. Why I always choose to go there? Actually, it's because the shopping centre is just nearby and we can drive there since they have their license already. *I still haven't get mine, cause I haven't go for undang yet D: Shame on myself ):*

Planned for celebrating the two buddies' birthday on that day since they are the November's babies :D Went for a karaoke session at Neway on the public holiday. *7 of November* What had surprised me was, the charges for public session was out of my expectation. Each of us only need to pay RM15+ for student price from 1p.m to 4p.m. It's quite cheap right? Yeah! I enjoy having karaoke session at Neway for recently :D Thumb up for Neway's offer!


Before the Neway session, we went for a morning tea at Paddington which is famous of pancakes :D YEAH! Their pancakes are delectable!


Do you want to try it? :D


This fella is being addicted to my camera LOL! She kept on playing and exploring my baby camera. But the truth is, I don't even explore it before although I bought it for few months already D: *Shame on myself again ):* -YongXin


One of the November baby, pretty girl! (; -Shya

We finished the desserts in a very fast speed cause we had to rush for the karaoke session. I only realized that we kept on eating for non-stop for the whole day. Seriously, I never feel that full before. Basically, it's considered as a small gathering for us. It's has been a long time we didn't meet up already. I miss them gossiping with them a lot!


Salad, I love! :D


Another pretty girl (; - Cindy


The November baby - Yvone


Random stuff?

Camwhore! We made a lot of crazy poses actually LOL!


Don't you feel that the atmosphere is familiar? YESH! It's XIAN DING WEI again ._.


Candid shot of me (;

By the way, I'm still on the way to explore my baby Iphone. Seriously, I don't really know how to use it LOL! How noob am I D: I just downloaded the SNSD's photobook :D And I love it since I didn't buy the real one yet I still can view the photos on my phone :D


They are so lovely isn't it? :D

AeB03LKCMAA3Vpz.jpg large

MY LOCK SCREEN! YOONA! *SCREAM* She's so gorgeous!

That's all for today! Actually I used few hours to complete this post cause something happen to my picasa and I have to use flickr to upload my photos now D: See ya! (;

Saturday, November 5, 2011


*Cleaning dust* I don't really wish to start my post with this condition again D: But too bad, once again I abandon my blog for 2 weeks. OMG! Please forgive me, I'm not a good owner of my bloggie ): I left it blank for such a long time, feel so sorry for it. Have been busy for assignments for recently, plus I don't really have topics to blog about. Well, I will really try to blog once per week. HEHE!


Had a simple birthday celebration with my mum at ONE UTAMA. They haven't been there before at all, not even one time O: And that's why, we decided to bring them to have a family dinner at there. As usual, we chose XIAN DING WEI to dine in. Seriously, the restaurant has the best service and chinese food I have tried for so far. Guys, if you haven't try it out, GO AND HAVE A TRY! You will never regret at all :D

With my family members :D My daddy looks cute right?

Guess who is this? She's my sister. YESH! AN ELDER ONE! .___.
But everyone told me she looks like my younger sister. SIGH! I have a mature face I know D:

I wish to have this heel badly!!! Simple and nice!


Attended my high school gathering at D'FORTUNE that night. Such a long long time didn't meet up with my old friends. They are still so friendly for me :D My class teacher, Pn.Cheong did attend the gathering too!!! She's the cutest teacher I ever seen for seriously. Do you ever hear that teacher will post the results on facebook? YESH, SHE DID IT! She posted our addmath's results at Facebook every time after exam. LOL! This is ridiculous right? Can't deny that she's a modern teacher. Too bad, didn't get to take photos with them ): I didn't bring my camera on that day. AWWW!!! *Slap myself*

The first time that I faced the right direction when comes to picture like this LOL!

The pretty girls :D

I miss high school life badly ): How I wish that I can go back to high school again, fooling around with the buddies, sleeping in the class when teacher are teaching, have lunch with friends at canteen, stay back for gossiping and so on. THE BEST MEMORIES EVER! Now only I realize I love my high school life, never think of it when I was at the age.

Apologize for the late updates. All of these were happened for a period already, but now I only blog about it D:

LAST! Camwhore by myself.

I WANT TO BE SLIM AND HAVE A FAIR SKIN BADLY! ): But, how to make it? Isshh, the pimples can't stop popping on my face D: I HATE IT!

Saturday, October 22, 2011


WHATSSUP GUYS! :D I'm here to blog again after a week? Okay, let's proceed to the main topic. Yeah, I'm here to talk about KPOP! For your information, I'm a kpop freak! I AM! I love kpop since Form1. I'm not really a hardcore fan of KPOP as I still listen to other songs as well. HEY, english and chinese songs are nice though! :D From my opinion, you don't really need to understand the lyrics, just listen to the melody and rhythm, don't you think that's so catchy? If you really want to know the meaning of the lyrics, just GOOGLE IT up! It won't really take your time right? So, try to listen to KPOP, actually their music are nice too :D

If you have a twitter account, I bet that you had noticed that SOME GROUPs are being trending recently in twitter right? YESH, IT'S GIRLS GENERATION!!!They have a comeback stage on OCTOBER! :DDD Have you listened to their new song, THE BOYS? If you haven't, CHECK IT OUT NOW! Cause you will be loving it for sure! The song is just too awesome, everything is fantabulous! :DDD Actually the song has 2 versions, one is korea and another one is in english version. But the english version was being blocked, and I don't know why ): For korea version, check it out here.


Don't you think that the song is really catchy? They are going to debut at USA with the english version of THE BOYS, I believe they can do it! GIRLS GENERATION MAKE YOU FEEL THE HEAT! :D They did put a lot of efforts and made the debut, they deserve the hit! Sometimes, people just can't see the efforts and keep blaming them just from their views. If you are one of them, don't call yourself as a music lover, cause YOU ARE NOT! Don't be over-bias and make judgement on other people. I love every genres of music, I respect all the artists and singers too. You have no idea how hard they been through. Please be a responsible and mature fan. Reflect yourself before you judge others. (:

They are so pretty :D

The girls :D

SNSD, you make it (; THE BOYS is totally a hit! :D LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's been a week I didn't update again? Well, thanks #pyee for reminding me! :D Oh yeah, I've chose 'WEDDING' as my topic for the presentation. Hope I can do well for that, IT'S MY VERY FIRST INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION! Damn nervous and worry! ): I scare that I can't speak fluently and confidently since my speaking is quite terrible? Oh, pray for it!

I've downloaded a new apps for my baby, Iphone :D Yeah, it's LINE! Actually it's pretty same with the function of WHATAPPS and VIBER too. But LINE has more emoticons that others don't have :D You can save your own QR Code and post it out then you can ask your friends to scan the code to add you as friends in LINE. Cool right? Let's play it! Whoever wants to add me as their friend, please tell me yea (:


Why there are so many pretties out there? Looking at their photos, I feel so envious ): no matter is their skin, proportion or the beauty.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


When I was on the way to college this morning, I heard a SHOCKING NEWS on One FM while I was playing with my Iphone at the same time. I bet all of you know about it right? The death of Steve Jobs. Well, for your information, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple inc. I'm not going to tell you the history of him, cause all of these you can find it at Google or anywhere else right? I believe that you don't really want to read something which is exactly same with the others right?

I'm going to share my opinion particularly on this. Seriously, I was one of them who don't really like Apple product at first. Why? Because their systems are slightly different with others. For instance, Apple products can only share the documents/files among themselves but not the others. Selfish right? Until now, I'm still standing in this point although I'm one of the Apple user LOL!

As time goes by, I started to addict in smart phone's function and felt like owning one too. So I did the research on few products, like Samsung Galaxy 2, Iphone 4, HTC sensation and so on. Unbelievably, I chose to buy Iphone 4 at last as the functions of it really attracted me a lot. I like the well organize files from Iphone, I like the appearance, I like the functions... Everything has its good and bad sides, nothing is perfect. Same goes to mobile phone too. Although I dislike some part of it, but I think I can still manage to accept the others.

Thanks Steve Jobs for changing my mind. The creation of Apple will not be forgotten in our life. We appreciate your creation as it changes our life into more interesting (: You're the legend, Steve Jobs. Rest in peace (:

We'll remember you for sure, the Apple creator.

Did you guys hear about OSKIC? OSK Investment Challenge is one of the investment game which only open for campus students to participate without using your money at all. You'll be given a start-up capital of RM100,000 virtual money to display your trading expertise. For those who come out tops in their portfolio will get the chance to win the game. For more information, you can click here. I did join the game too! Although I don't have any knowledge about it, but seriously I got interest in buying shares a lot. I just wanna try my luck and at the same time learn a little bit about shares trading too :D Anyone join this game too?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Life is weird. You go from being strangers, to being friends. To being more than friends, to being practically strangers again. #girlposts

Couldn't agree more with this sentence. No matter are friends, lovers or passer-by, it's possible for us to meet each other and start the friendship or relationship. Things never go smooth in our life. We have to conquer all the obstacles to remain the good condition. If you're the winner, congratulation, you can continue the destiny with your loves one. What if you lose the game? Well, possibility that the sentence may be worked. What's more? Life is simple but it's not easy. No pain no gain right?



I've learned to treat everyone nice no matter how they treat me. If they do not appreciate it, that's their loss. I won't blame anyone anymore, it's my responsibility to make myself feel good. Sometimes, I do believe in karma. (:

I've been addicted to Twitter recently. I love to read the quotes that I've followed. Sometimes, it does really give me inspiration and knowledge to make my life better. Do follow me if you want, eminey626.

Question: I've to choose a topic for my English individual presentation, yet I still haven't decide the topic yet. I need an interesting topic, any ideas? Please leave your comment here, it may help me a lot. Thanks! (:

Sunday, September 25, 2011


Guys and girls, I'm back again! :D Sorry for not updating my blog for this week. For your information, my 2nd semester started from this Monday. Seriously, I'm still in holiday mood D: Haven't been awaken from that yet. I want to enjoy more! But I know, this is impossible right? This semester might be busier compare to last semester. I got my results for semester one, it was not bad actually. I wanna aim for more, so I have to put more efforts for this semester onwards :D

Headed to Pavilion with Yanni again. Well, before that, we went KLCC's Kinokuniya to grab the magazines that ordered by my aunty. I always have some questions in my mind. Why foreigners like to do reading during their free time? But not Malaysian? Well, I'm one of them too LOL! Don't know why, I don't really like reading, it can make me feel sleepy all the time. Some of the books are quite interesting actually, but expensive D: I do hope that next time when I start to earn money, I will buy all the books that I want to buy and try to make reading as my habit :D

Back to Pavilion again. The main reasons for us to go to Pavilion are because of the celcom bill and Tokyo Street. Although Tokyo Street had already available for few months if I'm not mistaken, but I seldom go there for shopping one, so now only pay a visit to the Tokyo Street. To be frank, I never realize that Pavilion is quite a great place for shopping and chilling with friends or family :D All photos taken by Iphone since I'm really lazy to take out my camera D: I'm finding a strap for my camera so that it'll be more secure and not easily fall from my hand.

Snapped this from Kinokuniya. The view is great right? Do you spot a swimming pool like place at the left hand side (upside)? I wonder is there any place like that at surrounding of KLCC? O:

Do you know what is this? I was being told by Yanni that this is one of the crack collection of nail polish from The Face Shop. It's really fresh for me cause I never see this kind of thing before LOL! Should say that I never know it. You just need to polish it on your nails then it'll automatically crack itself. Cool right? For embellish it, you can try to put the base first then only use this for the pattern.

The heels that attracted me a lot, 2 inch heels perhaps? It's from Clarks and costs about RM200+ I think? Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy it ):

A present from Aunty Queenie :D BIG HUGS FOR HER! :D Guess, what's inside?

It's a purse like case from Coloris :D I desperate to have this for a long time already. Nice right? It's really portable cause you just need to put your hand phone and money inside then you can go out already, maybe tissue too? :D

Tokyo Street from the sixth floor at Pavilion! :D

with my girl, Yanni :D And the square head anime, To-fu! Don't ask my why it being named as To-fu cause even myself also don't know at all LOL!

Saw this at one of the shop, SNSD!!! Hope they're coming for Asia Tour D:

Okay, I really want to find some part time jobs to raise my Iphone and also to buy some personal stuff D: Why is money so hard to earn while all the things are so expensive! Duh, depress. Transport is my main problem to reach college which make me so frustrated recently. I gonna get my license as fast as possible so that I can drive there. God bless me, I still don't know how to go college tomorrow. LOL!