Sunday, May 29, 2011


Well, I have been working for 1 month at Guardian, Ikano ( May ) as a promoter for CLEAR, hair shampoo at every Sunday. Did anyone went there and saw me before? LOL! Today was an end for me to work at there, since I've tons of assignments to do now. I replaced my friend, yong xin for today due to the reason that she needs to go to genting with her family. As a friend, I should let her enjoys her family trip right? So, I made my decision to replace her. How good am I LOL! * Self-praising :/ *

All the staffs there are so nice and easy-to-talk-to. Met few promoters at Guardian like colgate, olay, stay free, scott, sunslik, clean and clear, equal and panaflex. * Did I miss out anyone? * HAHA, we named each other with the brand title. That is easier for us to remember lol. Every time we kept chit-chatting while don't have customers around since the environment there is so boring. Sometimes, we even talk in front of the customers LOL! They are so friendly and funny. Usually, we would have lunch together. They are the only sources that I can pass the time at there :/ Glad to know you all girls! (; We should have gathering next time! (;

Bought 2 bottles of nail polish at SASA after worked today. Simply recommend for those who wanna buy nail polish, you can have AREZIA as your choice. It is a small bottle packaging, only cost you RM3.90 per bottle ( 4.5ml ). You can buy as many colours as you like, since you're not choosing some bigger bottles 1 which cost more than RM10 and make you can't buy few colours that you like. Sometimes, you'll keep buying new colours of nail polish and forget the old 1 at home right? So, don't waste your money. It is better to buy a smaller 1 than a bigger size 1.

Cute packaging right? :D I love the colours.

Have a try for red colour. Urgh, ignore my toes ._. I'm not really good in polishing my nails. I'll try to improve my skills (:

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


College life is much more suffering than I thought. Seniors keep telling us that you have to enjoy yourself and find its interesting part. Yes, I have to admit that somehow college life is fun. WHY? Because we get to know plenty of new friends at there. All are new faces. Well, friends from Public Relations course are really friendly and easy-talking. We can chat until non-stop, see how talkative we are? xD We can hang out together whenever we have break hours on that day. I haven't try this yet, I think we'll have it soon. I'm looking forward for our outing together! :D

Since there are so many advantages for college life, BUT assignments and presentations are always driving me crazy. I have to squeeze my brain everyday for it, keep thinking the points for my assignments. URGHH!!!! When I first entered to TARC, I started to scare all day long due to the course works. Lecturers ask to present the tutorial answers for every tutorial questions. Marks will be given for that. You know how scary is that?

Well, for people like me, I'm totally lack of confident and -on the spot reaction-. Especially when I've not enough of time to prepare the answer or maybe sometimes I don't really understand the questions. I think I really have to build up my confident, try to speak more and train myself to be good in presentation. This is what PR should do right? I will try to do so. *Scream*

Now, I've 5 assignments to do. Next week gonna hand in the electronic media's assignment already, yet now I still haven't done yet! OMG!!!!!!!! Presentations and dramas are waiting for me ): I need a break, seriously.

College is fun, but yet it is stressful for me too ):

Your sincerely (:

Depressed, I'm not satisfy with my presentation today ):

Thursday, May 12, 2011


What's the time now? Is 2.30am midnight now! I'm sure that you will ask why you still haven't sleep yet? This is so late already, what are you still here? LOL! I guess so right? Errr, let me explain to you. I HAVE NO IDEA WHY I'M STILL AWAKE HERE. Maybe because I used to late to sleep already? No matter got class or not, I still off to bed around 3am. Maybe you will think that I'm a weirdo. HAHA, but I need to tell you that, I'M! (;

Fine, I gonna blog about some parts of my college life first. Well, I have officially start my college life at TAR COLLEGE now. Errmm, isit a good or bad thing? My answer for you is, BOTH. I can meet a lot of new friends through college life. I like to meet new friends, and communicate with them. I think that's a way to learn more and broad-wide your friend's circle. Actually, I can say that I'm kind of over-friendly type. LOL! I can't wait to know plenty of new friends (: HEHE! So, don't let my action shocked you :P Cause I will keep crapping around. LOL!

But, the point that make me feel so annoying is, I have to go there early in the morning although my class start quite late because I got no transport. When I go back, I have to wait for few hours too. These few days, I just kept calling my friends that can fetch me back earlier to fetch me home. * Sorry for any inconvenient I can't stand to wait at there ALONE ): That's so lonely, seriously. I got nothing to do except online at the Cyber Center. Yess, I admit that I like to online. But not at there. Why? Cause I can't view videos at all. Actually I face PPS most of the time when I online at home. Home sweet home still This is why I choose to stay at home but not to rent a room at there. House is so warm for me :D Oh yeah, another point, the weather is freaking hot nowadays. And we have to walk for a long distance to reach our hall/class. What I mean by LONG DISTANCE, is really long that you can't imagine at all. OMG! It makes me sweat a lot. Urgh, I hate to sweat when I'm going for a class. So uncomfortable.

Well, I think I should stop crapping already. I should blog about my outing for last 2 weeks? LOL! I have no idea why I update it so lately, because I'm too lazy. Hmm, forgive me please. Let's the photos do the talking (:

Received a phone call from Aunty Quennie that asked me whether I wanted to join them for outing or not. Of course I would say yes. So, I waited for few hours but they still hadn't fetch me from home. Well, I chose to watch the wedding of PRINCE WILL WITH KATE rather than sat at there doing nothing. Too bad, I couldn't watch all, they came and fetched me by 6 something. We decided to have dinner at ICHIBAN, Sunway Giza Mall. After dinner, we moved on to next stop, SNOWFLAKE which treated by yanni (: Thanks to her again! :D

I like the little bit sweet taste of the toufu + rice

Onion taste nice while you adding it with some sushi

My order, eggs with chickens on top of the rice. Seriously, there was a lot of rice inside. I couldn't finish it at all :/

Aunty Quennie with Yanni :D

With my kaima (:

I have no idea why I like this photo. LOL! But I like the legs look long xD

Camwhore with her. I like your camera lar, yanni :P

I want to tell you guys, that was my very first time to eat snowflake. I know I'm outdated. I got to know this thing from my friend long time already, but I always don't have the chance to taste it. This time, finally I ate it because of her, a big thanks to MISS YANNI! :D

Not bad not bad.

Treated by her, so kind (:

Oh yeah, I have my first assignment on first day that given by my lecturer this Monday ): I have no idea how to do that actually. TV GAME SHOW as the title. Any ideas for that? We have to write a report for the event that we create. I need help seriously! Give me some opinion/idea for that if you can (: Thanks!

Sunday, May 1, 2011


Actually, this post should be done by yesterday. But due to some don't-know-why reasons, which make me feels annoying to the max, ruined my post again. It turned out BLANK when I asked my friend to help me to check some problems. URGHH!! I wasted 2hours to solve the problems but at last it gave me NOTHING?! Fine, I REWRITE!

Well, is kinda late for me to blog about this, shoes festival, which held at PWTC from 7 - 10 of April. Did you went there? I went there with Yanni and Aunty Queenie them. Thanks Aunty Queenie for bringing me out every time. * HUGSSS! *

Carlorino! Their shoes are nice! But expensive for me ):

Chinese tie on the boot

The red colour 1 is attractive! :D

Zebra line? Btw, I like the blue 1.

Do you see that? Yesss, Jimmy Choo was there that time!

A very huge 1? O:

Pretty like this. The design is quite unique

I wonder how to wear the umbrella-design-shoe?

Spot that? RM3000 for order only! OMG...

All the models there are pretty and handsome. They are really tall and skinny. So envy D: She is one of them, pretty like her :D

Aww, when my friend was trying to capture her, she smiled and said hi to her. So friendly!

Headed to Pavilion after that since the shoe festival was fulled of people. I can't really able to take a look on the shoes. Too bad, actually I planned to buy some shoes at there. But I just can't find a suitable 1. After an hour of window shopping, we moved on to 紫竹苑 to have our dinner.

Saw another fashion show at Pavilion

Chatime! Thanks her for treating me :D It was really nice. I have addicted to Chatime now! :P

Birds design on the lamp.

Tuesday is the day for me to go college already. 1 day left ): I don't feel like going now.