Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Let's say hi to holiday! :D I know it's quite late to mention about this, but since we are still in holiday, so why not? Since today is our National Day, I think I should sincerely wish my living country, Happy Born-day to Malaysia! Though sometimes I'm not really satisfy for some happenings or environment, yet I still feel grateful cause I get to learn plenty of languages, cultures and lots more.

Back to the main topic, I'm here to blog about my first holiday outing, Genting trip with my classmates. You know what, actually this is my very first trip with bunch of friends beyond the control of my parents/relatives or teachers. For me, it's an unforgettable and a great reminisces. Without further ado, the post will mostly occupy by photos to do the speaking. The trip only last for 2 days 1 night, we chose to go there on 28th of August, means it was last Sunday. Heading to Titiwangsa bus station to meet up with one of my friend, Leonard to take the 'Go Genting' bus together. Others all went to Gombak to take the bus.

So, he is Leonard. Actually all the passengers were sleeping while we were on the way to Genting, Stephany and I were the exception.

Okay, this cutie is Stephany, my companion of the day. She has a sweet smile doesn't it? Well, we non-stop chatting until we reached the destination. How talkative are us :D

While waiting for the arrival of the others, we just hanging around, and then we planned to checked in first since we were so free. Oh yea, we overnight at Ria Apartment that day. Many of them told me the stories of Ria and kept asking me you really booked the apartment? Well, I have no choice since all the hotels were fully booking. We got the room at 20th floor, pretty high right? Went to first world when all of them arrived.

It's cotton candy! If I'm not mistaken, we took more than 10 photos with the cotton candies LOL! Maybe we had no idea what to do at all, so just non-stop capturing at there.


Next stop, BOWLING! Well, we just bought one game since there were not many of them wanted to play it. *Two pretties*

Nice pose or nice shot? Both I think?

Ready, GOAL!

Random shot by Stephany.

They were fooling around with the camera more than cheering on people who were playing there. LOL!

The first group photo :D * Where was I looking at huh? D: *

The pose is familiar right? If you got read up my blog often I think you will guess it right (: Yup, it's resembling our class, B5! :D

Wondering where to go for the next station

Ten of us :D Guess, which one is mine?

Since our budget were limited, we chose Mc Donald as our dinner. Some of them took KFC.

The weather there for 2 days were cloudy and cold, but I like it cause I'm not afraid of coldness :D

We were separated into 2 teams after that. Boys planned to go back to apartment, and girls wanted to walk and chill around.

It's all our camwhore time! Do you notice that we like to take photos on the escalator?

Walked from first world to Genting Hotel

Outdoor, enjoyed the wind blown :D

we are happy family :D

Look, this is how silly are us * grimace *

Take a look at their face expression, can you feel the coldness?

Both of them hided aside since they couldn't resist the coldness

London bridge is falling down...

They are so lovely :D I love you, girls!

Went back to apartment since all of us were getting tired. We took 20minutes to walk from Genting Hotel to Ria Apartment. Gosh! It was real far, I think all the calories that we ate had burnt and gone. LOL! Had a little karaoke session with them in the apartment, played poker cards and Uno too. 2 phone calls stopped us from relaxing. One of my friend's parents bought some snacks for us so we had to go down and get it. Another call was the boys, they asked us to meet them at first world.

So, we had to prepare and walk for 20minutes+ to reach first world again. It was raining outside, most of us were shivering there. Due to some problems, some of us planned to chill at Starbucks and some went to drink beer, again we were separated into 2 teams.

Starbucks! :D My camera was out of battery that time, so we used peiyee's samsung galaxy S to capture it.

Yours truly (: I ordered the caramel favorite :D

We chit-chatting until 2a.m only willing to go back. It was really fun, especially we had heart-to-heart talk :D Okay, I did not get to sleep that night. Don't ask me why, it was a really long story if I want to explain. I think I just closed my eyes and rest for a while then woke up at 6a.m to prepare everything. Had cup mee * tomyam flavor * as my breakfast and checked out when all of them finished packing.

Hard wind blown towards us.

Borrowed it from Peiyee, pretty cool huh? I want to buy myself a sunglass so much!

Theme park day! :D 12 persons just in one ticket.

Queued up for the first game, guess what is it?

So, do you guess it right? Well, I don't know the name for this game. Until now, I still not really dare to ask myself to take a ride on it D: I swear, I gonna ride it next time!

Next game, roller coaster! :D

Oh yeah, I want to play it twice! But due to the long lines, I only able to play it once D:

This was how we looked like after the 3rd game. Yes, we took a ride on the water game. Seriously, I was wet like just bath. Here is my advice, if you want to play it, just ride it after all the games before you want to go back to hotel.

We had marry brown as our lunch

Time consumed to line up for the 4th game, also the last game was long. But the game just last for less than 1 minute D:

Woots! One of my friend who did not play it was able to capture it down when we were on the dragon coaster :D

Bought the 5p.m bus ticket. Waiting at the bus station.

Random captured by Peiyee. Currently it is my profile picture (:

All of us were so exhausted that time D:

Time to say goodbye to Genting ):

The guys

Peiyee and I :D

So our Genting trip for 2 days 1 night just ended like this. To be frank, it is not enough for me. As you can see, we were rushing here and there, not even play all the games at the outdoor theme part, it was such a waste ): Fine, I know we can go there again for next time. Seriously, if you want to go Genting, you really have to bring a lot of money. Genting is a nice place for us to chill with our friends, I agree (: I love you all, you guys make a new memory for me again :D

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