Saturday, July 31, 2010


Yesterday when i was busy updating my blog ( LOVE ), my eldest brother kept asked me to give him some comments about his photography :x At the same time, i was listening to music too! I can't concentrated at all .______. Well, since those photos are quite nice too, i decide to share with you all :D

My eldest brother likes photography a lot! He enjoys to snap those scenery photos. Here are some of his photograph last few months ( May ) at Sabah.

look like a heart shape
( i have a dream )

( wonderful land )

i like the colour of the sky, blueish

( touch the sky...... )

( peaceful )

( history )

personally like this 1 the most! :D

( unforgettable sunset )

( enjoyable )

Camera: Canon Digital Ixus 75 ( 7.1 megapixel )
Please leave some comments about the pictures, ur comments are appreciate by us :) To view larger size ( photos ) , click here * clickable

Friday, July 30, 2010


LOVE! my BI teacher asked us to write this title ( essay ). I have no idea how to do .______. Although i know there is a lot of topic to write, but i just cant think any within that moment. Fine, internet is a place for me to get some ideas ;D * im not copy, but refer LOL!

Well, let's talk about love then! What do you think about love? * Comment about your thought about love if u want :) Most of us will say love between 2 persons, means ' in a relationship '! Actually, there are many various and levels of LOVE. Family love, friends love, couple love, living things love and lots more! ;D LOVE is a wonderful thing in the world, dont you agree? Love can give us hope and help us to move along our life. But sometimes, it can turns smiles into frowns.

Family loves, even though some wars may started between family members, but the bond still there :)

Parents love you. Dont you know?

Awww, how sweet ;D

the baby is so cute!!!

Friends love, they are the ones we see most often on our life. We enjoy to fool around with them. They become part of our life :)

I miss my childhood friends :(

We share our feelings to each others

We create memories

True love, i believe this kind of love is the strongest among the others. When you are in love, you can feel the meanings of love that can drive you easily to this unbelievable word.

Handsome & beauty


I like this! ;D

Well, this is still new for me. I havent try this before.
But i can see the happiness & sadness from my friends.
I will wait. For my mr.right :)

No one can deny that love is the soul of life & happiness.
Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.
I will express my love to everyone around me in the best possible way :D

Wednesday, July 28, 2010


Guys, im sure many of you have tried to win the passes to MTV WORLD STAGE * clickable right? well, same as me too. I waited and waited for many days, i cant even see a bee/junior appear. Luckily, my friend helped my to won it. But now, the problem is, i didnt receive the ticket :x Because he won the tickets at wrong website LOL! Fine, is ok for me. Since im not really want to see the concert, i can watch it on tv also :D I will stay at house to study for coming exam - trial. * hahaa, i just mean it, but no action will be taken for sure, cause im too lazy :x

the line up for this coming MTV WORLD STAGE:


Katy Perry

Tokio Hotel

Wonder Girls

MTV WORLD STAGE live in Malaysia 2010 this July 31, 6pm at Sunway Lagoon Resort Surf Beach. For those who won the tickets, congrates :) But for those who didnt get the chances to meet the artists, dont feel sad, u can watch the live at home *if im not wrong Enjoy the show! :D

the mail that i received from MTV WORLD STAGE:

Hello, A number of users have accessed our restricted beta test site( and taken part in the MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010 contest. We understand that most of the people that have accessed the site did not know it was a closed off site, and are currently investigating the matter with our legal team to find out the cause of the leak.

As such, all contest entries entered via are invalid and will be disqualified.

We apologize for the inconvenience caused and will be sending you a MTV premium within the next two weeks.

Please reply to this email with your name and mailing address so that we can dispatch your premium to you.

Thank you for your interest in MTV World Stage Live In Malaysia 2010.


well, since my friend, fatty * clickable, wrote some comments about me, so i decided to 'promote' him in my blog too :D

This is him! Hoh Weng Hong, usually we call him as fatty :) He is a very talkative guy that i met since standard 2. Yesh, until now, he is still the same. Non-stop talking. * But this year he seems to talk less already :x He likes to sing very much! He knows a lot of songs. We will ask him when we forget the song's name xD Actually is quite comfortable to chat with him if he wants to listen to u :x And of course, he likes to eat! * gam fei lor fatty!!! x) If u want to know some nice places to have dine, u may ask him. :D Ehmm, for his bad sides, maybe sometimes he is quite small-gas? * dont kill me please :x LOL! But he is quite helpful sometimes. Nvm, he is still part of my buddies :)

Monday, July 26, 2010

charice pempengco

CHARICE PEMPENGCO, i think most of u know this young singer right? I found her when i was watching 2007's STAR KING * if u got watch korea's variety show, u should know what is it Yes, STAR KING is a famous korea variety show that produce many stars * if u want to be a star, try to challenge it then :) That time, i was shocked by her voice O.O Her perfect high tones, i cant imagine how can she sing that like so easy? * jealous :( A 15 years old girl with her amazing voice, touched all the audiences & viewers and hit the views ( youtube ). Her future of being a star started like this...

Name: Charice Clarice Relucio Pempengco ( Charice Pempengco )
Born: 10/5/1992
Hometown: San Pedro, Laguna, Philippines

For more information, click here

This is her, Charice :)
I like her voice a lot!

Her album, PYRAMID

pyramid, Charice feat Iyaz

Her first visit at star king, 2007
with the song, and i am telling you, i'm not going

Charice feat KyuHyun ( Super Junior )
A Whole New World

second visit at star king

Her third visit at star king 24/7/2010
after her successful debut at USA

Charice duet with Celine Dion
Because You Love Me

She is just so amazing! Her powerful voice, her talent, she is right to deserve all this :)

i wish to have a voice like this too, but i know this is imposibble

Sunday, July 25, 2010

xingti's surprise birthday party

yesterday I went for a surprise birthday party that create by my buddies for the birthday girl XINGTI! * actually her birthday is on monday, 26/7, but since they wanna make a surprise for her, so they decided to make it on saturday well, i will say that was really a successful surprise for her :D hope she likes what they did for her x)

i'm not going to describe all the process, cause i'm lazy to type ;P Photos may tell u the story

the invitation card

they did a very nice backgound ;D

the creators: KAH CHUAH, YANNI, JOEE * clickable

thanks for inviting me :)

Okays, the story was like this.
She dont know everything. Kenke brought her out in the afternoon.
So that they can prepared the surprise x)
When she almost reached, we hide ourselves behind the door

We sang the birthday songs just right after she opened the door.

She was like O.O?!!! shocked by us for 100% xD
Surprise! Xingti~~~
We thought she will cry for that, she didnt
but joee and yanni were the one who cry pula xD

the boys

the girls


foods & drinks that prepared by all of us

again, we sang the birthday song for 2nd time

strawberry ice-cream cake

video time!
the video was created by fatty, kuik, kah chuah & guan ming
full of wishes and comments from friends to xingti

what i can say is:
they are so creative & the video is so nice lar weii! * jealous sia xP
if u want to watch the video, just click here
she was touched by this video! :D

again and again, we sang the birthday song for the 3rd time
with the cake that i baked :)


after :D
oreo cheese cake
what's ur comment about the cake?

after that, we decided to watch ghost movie ( one miss call )
some of them kept shouting when there got some horror scene.

the chit-chat gang,
cause they dont want to watch ghost movie

and of course! DSLR TIME is a must!
cause yesterday there got 3 DSLR there [ kenke, fatty & bryan ]
too many photos, i cant upload here.

If you want to see those photos, please check here:
kenke, fatty
* thanks for the photos

enjoyed a lot! =]