Sunday, March 28, 2010

28 march 2010

27 march
dinner again
to celebrate my aunt's mum & dad wedding 60 anniversary
* super long ehh =]

dinner started after 8
continued with few surprise given by their gandchildren
then followed by karaoke time!
due to many of them also got sing for popo & gong gong
so they asked us to sing also
choose 旋木 as our song
* cause no high tone LOL!
the event ended at 11p.m

designed by their grandchildren
so cute :D

menu for today

gong gong & popo
so lovely

with my sister, aunty and uncle
of course with popo & gong gong also

with hui voon
1 of the grandchildren

K TIME, nervous lo

cause got many people there :X

* after i get the photo, i will upload more

new generation want to last for so long is a hard task

cause they didnt know the important of wedding

hope they try to understand it

Monday, March 22, 2010

22 march 2010

genting trip with my family members
since this year i cant go china
so my parents decided to bring us to genting

19 march

reached genting almost by 7p.m
and there was so cloudy!
my dad cant even see the car in front when he was driving
we started to hang around at first world
after we put our luggage at first world hotel
had supper [ king's bread ] at my room with parents

20 march

woke up at 8a.m
after everything was ok,
we started to play the games ( indoor & outdoor) until midnight 1a.m
i played all games except for 跳楼机
* not dare to play that lar :X
it was a tired night since we played the whole day

21 march

packed our luggage and prepared to go home :(

the cloudy weather

my mummy and daddy

with my sister

had king's bread as my supper

everyone was busy to choose what they wanted to eat

my sister & cousins
yeah! bought tickets and prepared to go outdoor

saw jwen there for 1st & 2nd day
i meet her at hotel, restaurant and theme park also
LOL! saw her everywhere
adui! she was so slim lar :X

had dinner at coffee terrance

gosh! it was so expensive lar!

RM60+ per person :X

my family pic :)

enjoyed so much during this few days

thanks my parents :D

Thursday, March 18, 2010

oh yeah!
outing with green house cheerleaders today
BUT! just both of them ( waiyi & soh huie ) came ==
* still consider as gathering? lol
all suddenly told me they cant make it today
ishh! next time told me early larr weii
make me so frustrated when saw those msg
* cause i planned it on last sunday and told them reply me asap 1
but all of them liked to give me surprised ==

well, back to topic again xD
we had wasted so much time for waiting ktm
and reached sunway by 12
* but we went out at 9.15a.m ==
had our lunch at mc.donald
after that straight away went ice-skatting with soh huie :D
waiyi and her bf went to watch movie and joined us after that

after ice-skatting,
had kfc * potatoes & wedges <3 as my dinner with soh huie
waiyi and her bf went another places
* couple time mah, dont want become din dang dam xD

really have a nice time with them :)
waiting for our next outing
* probably after spm lor ==

bus tickets ( me & soh huie 1 )

waiyi and her bf
( he dont want to put down the hat LOL! )

she and me :)
( aargh! got a pimple on my forehead! == )

prepare for ice-skatting xD

soh huie


goona leave the place soon

and headed to kfc! :D

OMG! i ate so much fast food today!
goona gain weight again ==

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

17 march 2010

yup, is school holiday now!
we should be happy, dont we?
but, it seems like worse than school life
exam gonna start after this holiday
but what am i doing now?

before sukan everyday also busy practised for cheer
but now,
everyday just online, eat and sleep!
* i know, im gaining weight ==
NOOO! i dont want ga fei lar!

tomorrow will go ice-skatting with my cheerleaders :D
friday will go genting until sunday only back
* meet u there, jwen
then sunday night got dinner somemore!
no time to study jor ==
whatever lar, at least dont fail then ok jor =]

good luck people

cant wait for it

Sunday, March 14, 2010

14 march 2010

our school's sport day was over at yesterday
no more sport day start from next year
all these will become my memory :)

12 & 13 march 2010

the girls came my house started from 10.30p.m
my daddy cooked curry & mehoon for them
* thanks daddy
we had chat and played around all the night
and i forced them to sleep
cause i know they will be very tired after that

i slept 1 hour only cause need to tied up their hair
u know what?
i tied up 12 people hair with 1 people, 4 辫子
OMG! my hand really tired that time

after that, my sister fetched some of us to school at 7
i realised this year less people come to school
did what we had rehearsel like thursday
welcome PIBG and performed

i really enjoyed a lot with joining cheerleader this 2 years
i appreciate a lot
i thought we will get last for this year
but really thanks for giving us 3rd place
although during rehearsal we were messy
but yesterday they were more tidy than last time
they really did a good job :)
thanks my team members
xinying, waiyi, soh huie, jia hwei, seng ching,
seng wei, shi nie, jasspreet, sharifah,
rebecca ( although she didnt hold me well and let me fall down ),
thiviyah, siam yee, kashin, gan tze and lingli

congrates swing
she broke the new record for cheerleading!

photo session
grabbed from jwen, jia chye, p.mun and lingli =D

starting, after bow

during the song - change

the post that i like
but hate by somebody

the song - poker face

the last song - change

us :D

with my daughter xD

with mun

me :)

i dont hope to see anyone is blaming anyone
for the results
friendship is more important than match!

hope next year green house can get better result

i will go back and see u all xD

i like the costume this year :)

Friday, March 12, 2010

12 march 2010

tomorrow is our school's sport day!
but, this year like dont have sukan feel?

well, what we had practised for this 3 months
we gonna show it all tomorrow
no, i just wonder they will remember the steps or not
and where they need to go for the next steps
the counting for the songs
are they remember?

hope everythings will be ok
dont be nervous, do whatever u learn
enjoy the show!
i do hope that we can get at least 3rd place :)

the girls :D

green house, geroda

enjoy the day, girls!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

11 march 2010

i really dont know why those people
can be sure that what they are talking/doing are right
please dont always yell at there
by saying which group are try to copy which group

are u sure that movement or post was created by u?
if u are sure, that's alright!
u got the potential to be a producer
u can think about it after spm :D

if not, please dont yell at there
im not that kind of person to scold that people in front of so many people
sometimes i really dont care what are they talking
cause i know it doesnt make sense
and now im doing this
because i really tired/sick of listened/looked those people
who said that group of people were copying movement from them

if u got the confident to get that place
why u still need to care/worry about what other people done?
if im not wrong
many of us are watching videos from internet and learned the steps from that
so, if want to say like that
u are a copy-cat too?
cause u are using their move what
am i right?

do u know what u are writing are tying to hurt someone
cheerleaders are people who have to cheer up other people
not to have a lot of arguement
please reflected on your mistakes

well, i dont meant anyone here
please dont mind what i type
u can just ignore it
if u got some comment,
just comment by ur true heart

my friends, dont worry
u are not that people :)

Monday, March 8, 2010

8 march 2010


although i got quarrel with u last week
and caused something bad to happen
but i still love u, dad

the cake


Saturday, March 6, 2010

6 march 2010

sport day is in the corner
arghhhh! we still havent finish our moves yet!
OMG! i dont hope this year will same like last year
sport day that day only finish the moves

cheer up, girls!
dont care about the place
just perform what u have learn with ur heart
that's enough :)

Monday, March 1, 2010

1 march 2010

i'm really shock what u did just now!
that moment, u r insane
im always talk with him like that
just u dont know!

u thought u have a good temper?
in front of our parents, u always did!
but u r same with me too
is not u! i know u!
last time u did the samething also
im so frustrated with that attitude

we come from the same parents, we have the same attitude
yea, im a people with hot temper, and very persistent too
i just want u all to talk with me with MANNER
not a loud voice, is that hard?
i will reply u with that too

why everything wrong also is me?
yea, im the most lazy 1, most hot temper 1, most obstinate 1, most barbarous 1
yea! i admit it, i didnt say im not!
but i have good temper most of the time at school
know why? they treat me well
and nothing for me to angry with them

yes, im wrong
i talk with parents with loud voice
im not suppose to quarrel with them

i will forget it
cause i want my life to be happy
but i will remember it forever!