Friday, January 29, 2010

29 jan 2010

today is our form teacher's birthday!
we had planned to give her a surprise
that's why all of us also stayed at class
but abi ( our class monitor ) didn't come

fatty & shumeen brought their camera to school * fatty i want ur camera lar
we found that his camera has a lot of function
so they kept on captured in the class & science lab
but we did enjoyed when they were playing xD
got 1 function call smile detect ( isit? )
the camera will auto capture when it detect that u have a bright smile
because of this function, it brought us a lot of smile + laugh

during the last 2 period
we followed our plan and sang birthday song to pn.cheong
she looked surprise
but after that she continued to teach addmath again
( what a good teacher )
we ate the cake ( chocolate indulgence ) after she finished taught the G.P
what a nice cake! next time must go there and eat this again xD

thanks fatty & shumeen for their camera and a lots of photo
i'm here to wish pn.cheong happy birthday again
must remember us, 5Bians (2010) :)

photo sessions:

nice smile la! :D

looked slim right?

ah biang! bright smile~


jwen & me
( she paksa me to take photo LOL! )

fatty & the card

cake ( delicious! )

our Q pn.cheong

continued her lesson again

smile! :D

for more photo, please visit

fatty & shumeen facebook!

enjoy the day

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

26 jan 2010

feel damn sleepy this few days
today i slept at cik.fang period ==
mon-sun also no off lar!
everyday also need to wake up so early
need more time to sleep!

today's afternoon i followed my mum out to bank
* recently i wont go out at afternoon 1, cause got reason xD
after that i told them to go TONG KEE to buy cakes & breads!
* yup! this was what i wanted!
mummy gave me RM50 to buy what i wanted to eat :DD
and i bought these
all only costed RM 27
* cheaper than kingdo ehh :D

yam, looks different, so i bought 2

got 鸡丝 1

mon saw jwen ate this, looked so yummy!

so i want to try it :D


chocolate rice balls

fruits favourite

durian favourite
( the cake was soft, nice try! )

today we got our diary already
the outlook was quite nice
at least better than last year LOL!
i'm gonna to write diary every weeks xD
to make use of it
it cost RM6 per 1! * expensive lar

quite nice right?

page that i like the most

next monday is holiday, yeah!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

say goodbye to my handphone :(
i had lost it again * so sorry
it was the second times already ==
the first time at ktm ( kl sentral ) , the second time at mum's shop

i bought this handphone at last new year
the first handphone that i bought with my gaji!
im mad & sad!

why nowadays so many people choose to be a thieve?
no matter how old are them, maybe a girl, or maybe a boy?
sometimes may be aunty or uncle too!
if u need money or want something
just go work and buy it urself!

u know what is the feeling of being lost something that so important to u?
if u had been stole something from other poeple
im sure u will have the same feeling with me too!

i lost all the pictures (memories), contacts and so on
these are more important for me!
to all my friends:
please dont send or call me start from now
when i get back number i will tell u all


Monday, January 18, 2010

18 jan 2010

i left my blog dead for 2 weeks * so sorry
im here to update it now! :D

finally i joined account tuition with kahchuah, shumeen and adeline
* claps! xD
i think im not late right?
i hope to get better result for account
but i still cant understand what teacher teached
maybe because my bassic not good :(
must study hard for it!

get to know that super junior will come to m'sia for their concert!
woots! i want to go larr!
but, im not sure whether march i will go travel or not ><
travel & concert!
both i also want! :D
hope i can go cause i dont to have any regret
i damn regret that didn't go for tvxq's concert last time :(
i know they wont break 1
keep the faith :)

gam feii aaaa!!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

a small update here

just now i received my chocolate from kaima

chocolate from langkawi :)



Tuesday, January 5, 2010

5 jan 10

the second day of school

i started to feel sleepy at 3rd period, EKONOMI ==
i always call myself not to sleep during any lesson
jwen keep on talked to me so i wont sleep * thanks :)

during chinese period
cik fang told us started from this year
our chinese paper will change, no more objective
from now we are more hard to score A for bc ><
文言文, 名句...!!!
i have no confidence to do well in paper2
i think i should read more essays
so i can get more marks in paper1
* say is always easier than do, i dont think i can do it because of my laziness

when discussed the second 名句
she asked us


how u think about?

one of the frailties of human nature is laziness
cant change easily ):

Sunday, January 3, 2010

3 jan 2010

the 1st post for 2010

i really cant believe now is the year of 2010 already
the holiday seems to be too short
i still got many things i want to do

school will be start tomorrow
i wish to have more holiday
but i know this is impossible
im form5 now
need to face spm this year
* OMG! i hate this!
i know i have to work hard for that to achieve the goal i set
- no more sleep during lessons
- dont waste my time in front of my computer ( is hard for me )
- concentrate on my study
- dont be so lazy ( cant change easily right? >< )
- try not to skip any lessons & tuition
- use my time wisely
- improve my language ( eng, bm & chi ) and account!
and lots more!

i wish to have more in 2010:
- travel with my family
- more A's for spm & try exam
- earn money
- appreciate the time with all my friends ( cause it will be the last year )
- live happily

see u all tomorrow :)