Saturday, June 25, 2011


B5 family, you guys really surprised me a lot.. The most successful birthday event until now? Haha! Cause everytime I can guess the 'surprises' that they are going to give me. My birthday is on 26 June, means this coming Sunday. YESH! Is tomorrow! *wink* My big day :D Well, but next week's schedule is really killing me and spoiling my weekends mood! Urgh! We have mid-term test for electronic media, mass communication and IT, the 3 courses that I'm not familiar with! They are so new for me ): NEXT, IT's assignmentS have to be summited on next week too! And.. The big problem is, I HAVENT TOUCH THEM AT ALL, WTH! Revision and assignments.. How am I going to celebrate my birthday?! NO WAY, I'm not going to touch it first! :P

Yeah, back to my topic, fine I know I always out of topic. Hahhaaa! Hope you guys don't mind it, okay? (; It was happened on yesterday, 25th of June. Well, at first I did not plan to go to MCD with my classmates by skiping Mass Communication's lectures class. But, my friend, JiaYie tried to convince me, so I had made up my mind to follow them since I did not paying attention on the class also. First, I have to say that, the lectures class is really BORING TO THE MAX. Sorry lecturer :/ I have to tell the truth. So, we had around 14 persons squeezed into 2 cars? That's pretty awesome right? Hahaa! This has proved that WE ARE THIN ENOUGH! *COUGH* Not for me lar of course..

Reached Jusco around 11something. We had occupied 2 large tables and sat there waiting the time to order the SET LUNCH! Haha! We are still students, of course we need to order something that is affordable and full for us! MCD SET LUNCH is a good choice for us :D I think we scared the hell of the waiters there. We are like the evil kept making noise at the MCD. Hahaa! We are OVER TALKATIVE, no choice lar :P

In JiaYie's car :D 5 people at the back seat! LOL! Awesome right? Haha

Awww, they are so pretty! * except me, my head is so BIG! Urgh!

While waiting for the time to order, camwhore among ourselves LOL!

O: Hmmm.. What post is this?

The left 1 is Mr.Corson with bunch of girls.

The girls :D

Yeahh! There are so many of us :D Can you see all of them?

So how about from this point? Counting how many people there, 1, 2, 3, 4...

Mc Chicken, Fillet O Fish, French Fries, Coke..! High calories food! OMG!! SO FAT LAR!

RM100+ for MCD! Bravo right? HAHA!

Busy eating and chatting after the food had arrived. We were so damn hungry! After that, they were actually planning a early birthday celebration for me. And what can I say is, I don't know it at all. You guys did the SURPRISE! :D Congratulation! LOL! But too bad, I was not crying for that. HAHAHA! I am a person who is really hard to let me tears up. Actually I thought that MAYBE they'll celebrate with me and another guy, CM on next Monday. But who knows he had went back to hometown yesterday, so they changed the plan.

I got shocked when I came back from toilet with my friends. The Secret Recipe's cake was placed on the table with the candles. At the same time, they were singing the birthday song, and few of them asked me to go in. Actually that time I was wondering that, my birthday is on 26, are they celebrating for me? LOL! The truth is they are. My face was speechless for the whole process, kept on smiling until you couldn't see my eyes. Awww, that was so touched! LOVE YOU ALL :D Thanks for the celebration. I really appreciate a lot.. Words can't describe my feelings at all. You guys know it right? *HUGS*

The Secret Recipe's cake, Chocolate Indulgence flavour. How you know I like this flavour huh?

This is what we call as laugh until couldn't see the eyes :B

with the girls :D You girls salute me lar!

And the guys.. Sorry that Mr.Corson your head was blocking by the YEAH FINGERS. LOL!

They were giving me their KISS! OMG! SO SWEET! :D

with my pretty daughter! Huey Nee :D Her face is so small compared with my big head! UGH!

The car-pool gang. The driver is.. The girl at right handside, JiaYie :D A very kind driver

We shared the same car on that day

Captured this before we leaved Jusco



Gonna prepare for going to TT's night later... Bye!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Say hi to the world! *wink* I'm proud that I'm able to update my blog at least 2 times a week! HEHEHEE! Thanks god that this week I have few events to blog about. Well, I have decided to buy LX5 (Lumix) for my new baby since my friends all recommend me to buy that. OH YESH! Can't wait to go for the TT's night which will hold at my college hall, TARC. For a newbie, it's like a wasted if you didn't join any event for year 1. I'm looking forward for the performance by the contestants, WHO WILL BE THE CHAMPION THIS YEAR? Let's figure it out that day, stay tuned for my blog okay? (; Here is the link for the TT's finalist, click here.

Okay, let's back to the topic again. Seriously, I'm really glad to be in the same class with my classmates now. They are so cute and funny! :D We are like a big family, B5 ROCKS! Monday, we had an outing together at wangsa walk for the 5 HOURS BREAK! Had our breakfast at BBQ Chicken and straight away went to SING K at Superstar after that.

What I realised was, all of us also like to SING K so much! THE SITUATION WAS HIGH TO THE MAX! Everybody were shouting and singing without using the mic. It was loud enough! When we were enjoying in the kbox, we were told by MAX, our class rep. that the class for 3.30pm has been canceled! OMG!!! SHOUT!!!! We were getting higher due to the GOOD NEWS! YESHH!! Fine, I'm not going to crap anymore, let's continue to photo session (:

Jiayie, corson and presley :D

the girls (:

the boys!

non-stop playing with pei yee's samsung galaxy S while waiting for the food to serve


I should have open my eyes! Look so sleepy isit? :/

my eyes are getting smaller!!

The cute fellas, ignore me please.

Is K time! They looked so happy :D

Waiting for MR.Corson to book the room. Camwhore again! :D

Get to hug 2 pretties *wink*

Another HUG! haha! I'm the lucky 1 :D

Pretty like this 1.

Kiss? Ohhh! So failed!

A cute example?

The success 1?

The sweetest 1? LOL!!! Well, I have to admit that I lose, they are better. HAHA!

Last 1! The B5 family! :D

A random one, first time wearing skirt for my presentation. Still, I'm not used to it :/ Failed! LOL! I will try to wear more next time.

Well, I have to appologize that my blog isn't that interesting compare with other bloggers. I'm trying to improve. I hope you guys do enjoy reading my blog cause I wrote it with my heart (:

Sunday, June 19, 2011


Hey guys! I'm trying so hard to find some topics to blog. Why? Cause now my life is boring like hell. Everyday go college and study then back home after that. Nothing special at all. I'm not like the others got events everyday and can blog their joyful life few times a week. Hmm, I promise to blog more, and I wont dissapointed those who view my blog again (: Wish to increase my followers :/

I bet everyone knows today is Father's Day right? Actually we should not only celebrate and love our parents during mother or father's days. We HAVE to love them since we are borned. Parents are the one who brought us here, we need to thank them no matter they treat you bad or good. Thus, treat your parents well start from now, it's not late at all, if not you'll be regret after that.

Today, we went kenny rogers roasters which located at jusco to celebrate father's day. Sister paid for the bill at last, thank you sis! :D Not able to take more photos at there, cause my sister's phone was lack of battery that time ): Somemore, we just kept focus on eating and chatting only. For the food, it is considered not bad at all. RM17 for the set lunch.

The set lunch of mine, original roastered chicken with mushroom flavour. The fruit box, salad and mash-potatoes are included in the set lunch.

Chocolate extreme ice blended which cost RM11.90

Chocolate muffin is included in the set lunch too. You can choose between banana, vanilla and chocolate flavours.

I have decided to buy semi-pro for my new camera. Ohhh noo, I have to pay myself ): ARghh! Gonna earn money again if not I'll be really poor. So, I have to increase my followers to increase my earning! Guys please check out my blog often yea (; Well, my friend had recommended few semi-pros for me, such as GF1 and GF2 from Lumix, Nex 3 and Nex 5 from Sony and G12 from Canon. Which 1 is better? I need a camera which is not expensive, affordable for me ( around 800-1300 bucks ), good quality, anti-shaking and easy to use all the functions cause I'm noob in this kind of things. Please give me your opinions, it can help me a lot! Thanks (:

Here are some photos for the semi-pro :

Saturday, June 11, 2011


I NEED MONEY!!! Seriously, once I went college, the first few weeks I still managed to save some money. THAT IS NO MORE AFTER THAT!!! Why? Because I keep going out with my friends, and non-stop eating :/ I should have try to limit myself already. Bankrup-ing now ):

There's something which is really make me pissed off! My sister's laptop spoiled when I really need a laptop to do my assignment. System turned down, OMG! It will switch off automatically without you knowing. Try to imagine, when you are playing or chatting with your friends, then your computer suddenly shut down. You can understand how I feel right? Urghh! Now, I have to use desktop to do my assignment, that's so inconvenience. I NEED MY OWN LAPTOP!!!

Well, back to my topic. Yesterday went out with my buddies to MOMO PARADISE for Hai shan & Hui ching's birthday celebration without telling them. Surprise? Well, I think they had knew it. LOL! So, let's the photos tell you the story, that's easier. Nothing much, EAT & CHAT!

The pretties, woei shya & xin ying

With yong xin :D Yess! I'm trying to smile with TEETH! Well, I know my teeth are not really nice, but I hope to smile with teeth, more friendly. But not fake!

xin ying with the birthday girl, hai shan

Another birthday girl, Hui Ching ( white T-shirt ) & pui mun

Did you notice any changes?

Smile! :D

OMG! Bright smile? Quite scary. LOL!

Playing with someone's iphone, front camera

Yes, again is me.

lovely right? :D

O.O where is my eyes.

we only able to buy a small cake for them, too bad ): But do hope that both of you like it!

We asked them to take the candle out with their mouth. They tried so hard cause the rule is without using their hands.

the only 1 group photo (:

Done my post! Gonna rush for my mass com's assignment again! Monday is the deadline already, and I still havent done yet! WTH! Thanks for viewing anyways :D Will try to update often!