Tuesday, June 30, 2009

30 june 2009

today's skol life can say totally sienzZz
PJ period play duo bi qiu wif fatty them
damn nice :D
but tired lo!!! xD

i get to know tat jwen's teams won champion!!
so geng!!! o.O
congratulation, she sure veli happy lo xD
*claps claps*

nice song & dance


[ new mini album ]


finding addmath teacher!!!

Sunday, June 28, 2009

long post

so sorry tat i post so late
coz tis few days i aso no time to let me blog
paiseh xD

25 june

joey lee, karyan & sinpeng cum my huz to bake cake
v hav bake 2 chocolate cake
but spoil ald ><
so sorry, frenz
i promise i will make chiffon cake next week

26 june

today is d semi chinese singing competition
after skol, go support for SHUMEEN [ the sao xing lui ] !! xD
i like d way she sing, got her own style
damn nice lar!!!

after tat, go kopitiam wif yx
xin, shya n cindy celebrate my birthday wif me
a mango cake!! is delicious
[ thx for those hu gap fan buy tis cake ]
then v go eat ice kacang n meet yys, ngau zai n kahguan
n d celebration wif frenz was end

626 is a veli special day for me
same to SHUMEEN n YOKE YAN too
yeah, today is OURs birthday
3 ppl same birthday, so happy!!!


she luv jay chou so much!! alice nine 2!!!
n guitar, electronic guitar!!! her favourite
she is 1 of d PARADISE
yea, she is a guitarlist from d band
she like singing veli much
she is a rockstar!!!


she is my 'teacher' when form 2 & 3
teach me math, thx her a lot!!
she is si man lui? lol, i think so lar

i wanna wish them a veli HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!
hope tat they enjoy tis BIG DAY veli much xD
tis year is d year tat receive most wishes from all my FRENZ
thx a lot!! i veli appreciate!!
n aso same to them hu gav me present
i like it!!

today aso d day tat JWEN gonna go taiwan
she cum to skol at 10smth n giv me & SHUMEEN a big card
when i saw tis card
my tears almost cum out from my eyes
T_T too gamdong!!!
thx JWEN!!! i will wait u back!!
n always miz eu


day3 without jwen

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

23 june 2009

finally d chinese singing competition result was out
during recess time
go n check d answer

i find n find
no my name inside d list
bt i found shumeen's name
im so proud of her, so geng aa!!!!

nvm, i hav try my bez to sing
is ok
i can try it next year again
i still got many things to improve

at laz, gud luck to eu, shumeen
hope u can go to d final round!!!!
gambateh ya =)

the ' sao xing lui '

today is my second sis's buftday


although i always argue wif her

bt she is still my bez sis

luv u =)

Sunday, June 21, 2009

19-20 june 2009

19 june

chinese singing competition
during addmath period
d teacher giv us do addmath
n say hu haven finish canot go out
damn!!! i dunno how to do LOG!!
so till 1.15 oni go to block D

tis year gt 42 person take part in solo, many lar wei
so hav to seperate into 2 claz
swing, shya n shumeen aso at next claz
bt im different claz wif them, so alone

after chan karchun is my turn
before tat i din feel anything
bt when i go in front, im NERVOUS!!!
suddenly i saw 1 gang of ppl cum in
O_O is my buddy
lagi nervous when saw them ><

i try my bez to finish d song
actually i gt wrong lyrics
u all din realise it lehh xD

20 june

carnival day
saturday supose to wake up after 9
bt today is different, becoz of d skol carnival
i hav to go skol early like skol day
my sleeping time!!!!!!! gone TT

after d principal TALK a long long speech
n d day is begin
wat a BORING day
nth to do, nth to play

wait h.ching to cum
o.O she becum more n more beautiful :)
after carnival
go watch movie wif shya n xin [ dance! sudaru ]

is a tiring day
n i wait for my turn to use comp at nite
bt sis wan to watch movie
no choice, so i go n find zaogong lo xD

xin, shya n me

hui ching

gudluck to all my frenz :)

Thursday, June 18, 2009

18 june 2009

carnival goona cum soon
laz few years d carnival i aso cant enjoy
T_T buy jor a lot of coupon bt din use
form1, take part in d badminton comp
form 2 & 3, duty

tis year gt d chance to enjoy
bt dunno y, feel like dunwan go pula xD
maybe too boring lol
bt skol rules: muz go if nt minus marks!!!
i juz scare later wan gantung
so hav to go aso aihh

2molo is d competition ald
aaaa!!!!! so scare!!!!!!
hope everythings will be fine

gambateh!! u can do it

Monday, June 15, 2009

15 june 2009

finally, back to skol
dunno wan to say happy or sad??
but, for me
my answer is SAD!!!!!!!!!

gosh!!!! boring dou sei!!!!
copying d note, doing d exercise
repeat to do d same things
i hate it

sumore, nid to prepare oral for bm n bi!!!!!!!
y should v hav to do this???!!!!!!
i dunwan ORAL!!!!!!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

11 june 2009

well, still got 3 more days to go
then skol start again
bt dunno y
now feel like dunwan go skol
wat i wan is - HOLIDAY!!!!

during d 1st week skol holiday
i wan skol start
during d 2nd week of skol holiday
i wan holiday back
so mao dun +___+

yea, today do smth veli meaningful xD
go my cousin's huz make cake!!!
yeah~ baking!!! i like it
to my buDDy - next time i sure make sm cake to u all
heheeeeee =)

waiting for tat day :)

Sunday, June 7, 2009

7 june 2009

tis 2 days aso bz going out
now oni free to blog heheeeee =D
saturday 6/6/09
went sunway pyramid wif my 2 sisters
go meet her new era frenz
n went kimgary had our lunch
after tat, go fridays yam cha again
d whole day juz sit n eat!!!!
damn sienz lor
sunday 7/6/09
today go out wif my cousin
n v meet at redbox low yat
start sing k at 11 n had buffet there
yummy!!! i like redbox d food, delicious!!
aaaaa!!!! tat singing skill veli gud d cousin got cum
so expected!!!! today can heard him sing again!!! so gud!!!
n tis time got d chance to duet wif him =)
so happy!!!
when sing wif him, really nervous
coz i scare i will 破/走音, paiseh lehh
lucky, no~~~~ xD
v supose to end at 2pm
bt when reach 2 aso no1 call us out
so v continue sing until 2.30 oni go
zhuan dao lar wei!!!!
after tat go eat tong yun
n go back at 4smth
i hope to improve my singing skill

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

3 june 2009

holiday = bored

my god!!! tis holiday still got 2 more weeks to go
how to spend it???
everyday searching d net
but dunno where to go
now my brain juz got tis word '' SIENZ ''

wanna go trip
holiday d bez thing to do is go trip
but no money, sumore no1 bring me go
i dunwan stay at home lar!!!!!!
ald 闷到出汁 lo!!!!!

waiting to go out wif frenz
waiting for d time to go