Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 nov 2009

a day at sunway pyramid!

guess what?
i almost can't wake up!
i think my hp got problem already? [ hope not! ]
but luckily, i got the time to prepare =D

reached there at 11something
we had buffet at sunway resort!
RM50++ per person!
[ damn expensive! >< ]

lazy to blog so much
let's start to eat!

woots! desserts! my favourite ♥

yanni 1

mine * i like the strawberry 1!

us [ just ignore me ]

okays! next station!

we went for ice skatting down there
yanni was the first time to play it!
i tried my best not to let her falled
* she just falled 1 time only, consider good already!
we skated almost 3hours there!

well, i suggest u wear more thick de socks if u want to skate
if not ur leg will very pain!

some pictures!

which 1 is me/yanni?


after skatting

thanks for giving me such a wonderful day! :)

Friday, November 27, 2009

drama :)

是美男啊/you're beautiful

a korea drama

interesting drama

if free, then you should go and watch it! :)

the band - A.N.JELL

love this drama!

Sunday, November 22, 2009



i want to do many thing during this holiday:

i want to work!
but my parent wont allow me to work outside :(

i want to earn money!
but cant work how to earn money?

i want to hang out with my friends!
but no money

i want to travel!
but no one is free

i want to watch many movies!
but i dont know what movie can i watch
i want to exercise!
but i'm lazy

i want to download movies and dramas!
but the net is slow

i want to bake cake!
but i dont have the utensils

i want to watch new moon!
but m'sia still havent show

there are still many things i want to!
wonder it will happen?
hope so


i like the story!
it is very special :)

i like the characters!
they are handsome and beautiful!

i like the way that how edward protected bella!
it was so warming

i like the couple, edward & bella!
they are so sweet *envy

i like the cullen family!
actually they are very good and willing to protect a human

i like the love story between edward & bella!
cause have to face many problems but good to see they are still in couple

i know i'm quite outdated, cause now only watch this movie
( last time dont have the chance to watch, cause twilight was showed during exam )
but is still not late for me to know this movie :D
at least now i had watched it!
and i like it!

so lovely ♥

i like the way ♥

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

16-18 nov 09

2 days 1 night trip at genting with my family and relatives :)
reached genting at 6something
put our luggage at hotel resort
we got a nice room!
quite pity cause slept there for 1 night only ><
had our dinner at genting hotel!
used RM400 something
OMG! so expensive!
gonna spent a lot of money if want to go genting :(

went first world to had a walk there
back to resort at 11something
chit-chat with my cousin until 2 something only slept
quite tired lar!

the second day
played hunted house and 3D at first world
the hunted house not scary at all compared to last time, sobs!
and came back to KL at 5 something

* lazy to write so many xD

my cousin and sister

eldest sister and me

brother and sister

cloudy wheather

the hunted house

going to watch 3D!

my family =]

18 nov

skipped dance class again LOL!
had a new hair cut today :)
now im short hair already
quite miss my straight and long hair

Monday, November 16, 2009

16 nov 09

wont online for 2/3 days

going to genting highlands later!



Sunday, November 15, 2009


13 nov 09

wuhoo!! xD
finally! my brother came back already!
he brought some foods back :)



chocolate <3


15 nov 09

went to jusco with my family
and we watched 2012!
really a nice and touch movie

when will be the end of this world?
can you imagine what will happen?
what can i do is to appreciate everything that i have now
i dont know whether it will happen when i am still alive or not
for sure
everyone also dont want to see this horrible thing happen
hope that scientist will find the solution to cure this earth
pray for it

live happily :)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

11 nov 2009

10 nov

and i was so lucky xDDD
my hardisk and lollipop still in my bag!

went DE PASTRY CHEF again
but this time with different people, w.shya and cindy
to celebrate w.shya's birthday :)

we planned to have buffet 1
unfortunately, it was closed
so we went to the next shop [ de pastry chef also ]
to order some foods & dishes

we sat there from 3 something to 7
and we ate so many things!
pasta, salad, ice-cream and cake!
so fulled!
but it just cost RM48!
quite cheap! xD

after that
i called my sister come and fetch us back
thanks sister

so tired,
sneezing again = =
ate panadol then went to sleep

11 nov 09

goona wish my best friend, WOEI SHYA

today was the hari perpisahan to our beloved
he got cry?
yea, definitely

although he got a little bit 'lo so'
but cant denied that he really did a lot for our school
2 new block, hall, canteen, new office and so on
academically and cocurriculum also have a lot of improvement
i think we goona say thank you to our headmaster,

hope you have a new life at the boy school
thanks and we will miss you :)

Friday, November 6, 2009

6 nov 09

got a good new today!
our class will have our holiday starting from next friday!
wuhoo! xD
im so happy!
last 3 years also had to come
but this year no need!
can hang out with my brother :)
[ bro! im waiting for your come back ]

today when im chasing 宫心计
i saw my sister brought something back
and she told me
is it a cake!
she bought something that i like the most!
love you, my eldest sister :)

the cake was yummy!
doesn't it look tasty?

Thursday, November 5, 2009

5 nov 2009


after school
went midvalley with shya,, p.mun and x.ying
for what?
celebrated p.mun birthday lo!

when told us watched what movie at ktm station
she said ' ... & poker FACE '
LOL! poker face!
i wondered is lady gaga's poker face? xD
and finally she corrected it to poker king

rush there and took our ticket
u know what?
we watched 2 movies
first time watched 2 movies for 1 day = =

before the movie started
we get shocked by watching phobia's advertisement
for those who like to watch ghost movie
i suggested you to watch this! :O

took our dinner at 9 something at taiwan's restaurant
a bit hungry?
whole day didn't eat lehh!


need to wish someone HAPPY BIRTHDAY!
enjoy your day :)

the main character of the day

starfruits - 星星果