Thursday, December 29, 2011


It's time to say goodbye to year 2011. 2 days left before the new year approaches to us. What have you done for so far? In the year of 2011, what makes you laugh? Sad? Cheer? I believe that we do create a lot of memories for this year right? (:

The first 2 things that happened in year 2011 for me are PLKN and college life. Seriously, I really miss the bunch of friends that been through with me at there. NS life is much more enjoyable than college life. I didn't regret I chose to attend the 3months training at Bidor, Perak. You guys rock the camp! :D Thank you for creating such a great memory for me, appreciate a lot!

Well, 2011 is also the first year that I enrolled in college life, TARC. I get to know new friends from different areas. Assignments and finals start to make my life miserable, especially group assignments. I've no idea why some of the group mates can just contribute nothing for the whole assignments and get the marks like that. Aren't they feel shame? I do feel so if I'm the one. Okay, not to talk about assignments again. Well, I've learnt a lot of things for these few months. Friends problem never fail to me be sensitive again. I know, I shouldn't think of it again. Why do we have to care someone who doesn't care you at all? I learnt it, and I'll never do it again. Sorry to say that, you are out from my life. I won't care you anymore. Actually from what you can see, college life has make me depress for quite a lot of times. D:

You know what? I do really want to enjoy my DECEMBER life. BUT, final really screw me up. My final is on 31st of december. HELL YEAH! It's 31st! I can't even go for year end sales this few days. WHAT A SAD CASE! I don't care, after the first paper I'm going for countdown still, who cares? :D By the way, I'm not going to blog in these 2 weeks since I need to face my finals. *HATE IT*

Here's my new year resolutions:

1. WORK! Gonna find some part time jobs after my finals D: I NEED TO EARN MONEY!!! *Facing bankruptcy now D:
2. PLAY HARD, STUDY SMART! :D That's always my goal anyways. hehe!
3. MAINTAIN/UPGRADE MY RESULTS! Well, I do really hope that I can score 3.8 and above.
4. TRAVEL TO ANYWHERE! Hope my taiwan trip with family will be ON! And I will love to have some trips with my beloved friends too :D
5. MAKE IMPROVEMENTS. I really hope that I can make improvement in my dancing skills. I will never give up again, NEVER! Of course, in singing too. Gahh, I just love to sing :D hehe!
6. SHOP LIKE A BOSS! hohoho! If I'm able to earn money, of course I hope to buy myself some goodies. I wish to dress myself nicely too ._.
7. LOSS SOME WEIGHT! Okay, I wonder why it's so just hard for me to loss some weight -.- I wanna be slim too lar D:
8. FAIR SKIN! Other than loss weights, another impossible for me too is to have a fair skin ._. I'm just so envious those people who has a fair skin ):
9. LEARN HOW TO MAKE UP. I have zero knowledge about make up! I really have to learn it already. I don't wanna be a burden again D:
10. GET MY LICENSE! HELL YEAH! I haven't get my license yet -.- Now I regret why I didn't get it last year. I wish to drive now, at least I can go anywhere by myself.


An unforgettable celebration with my babes on Christmas Eve :D
Thank you girls & guys (;


Sunday, December 18, 2011


HI EARTHLINGS! December is really a hectic month for me. I've been busy for this and that for couple weeks already. As you can see from my blog achieve, I only able to blog for 2 posts a month ._. #Fail Of course, LAZY is another reason. LOL! But I swear, this 2 weeks I'm really busy for my assignments and co-cu stuff :D Somehow, I feel so tired and really want to take a rest. But all the things like never end at all. Thanks god, I'm done with all now. BUT! Final is approaching soon. WTH, 31 of December is the first day of final. CAN YOU IMAGINE? I still wanna go for countdown laaaa ): Fine, talk about it later.

Co-cu day is one of the TARC's event for every semester 1 and 2. Many of them dislike to study at TARC because of this reason, cause everyone MUST join one co-cu and pass the course. If you fail it, then you have to repeat it again. Sounds horrible right? But actually it's quite fun. I've joined contemporary dance. We have to dance 3 songs during the co-cu day, which are rock & roll, hip hop and para para sakura. I know you will be asking this, 'Why para para sakura is in the list?' Seriously, I don't know why too. LOL!

I'm the leader of my group, Static shots. Sorry for not being a good leader ): We've gone through a lot of problems before the competition. Although we might hate each other for sometimes, but what I can say is you guys really improved a lot and made it at last. Even though we can't get any prizes, but it's worth waiting for so long and done it together. Love you guys (;


Look of the day. Was acting as a guy for Rock & Roll session :D Feel so uncomfortable with make up, especially the eyes lashes D: Seriously, I've zero knowledge of make up at all. I think I should have learn it already ._.


The pretty one, Jo ann (;


Pretty girls



The team members: Stephany, Presley & Pei Yee


Team members :D Kmaey & Jo ann


My partner :DDD


The girl who always fetch me to college, Reiko :D


What a cool post?


Non-stop camwhore LOL!


The lucky guy, chuan with 2 girls!


WOOTS! The girl who always accompany me to go back with public transport, May Ling



Dined in at Papa Jones afterwards


LAST: Camwhore in the car. LOL! Btw, I love the effect of the fluffy hair d:

That's all for today! :D Hope you guys enjoy all the photos although I didn't write a lot for the captions. I promise I will update often when I've time (;

Saturday, December 3, 2011


Guys, so sorry for abandoning my blog again ._. I think there's no more excuse for me to explain again. Everything because of LAZY! D: I'm not a good blogger indeed ): *Shame on myself*

It's December now, the last month of the year. What have you did for the whole year? It's time for us to consider about the new goals for next year and reflect about what we've done again. Seriously, college's life pass really fast indeed. One sem = 4months, unlike secondary school life. I don't really realize that it has come to end year already. Pretty miss my secondary life ): Well, I do enjoy my life now even though it's quite busy.

December is really a busy month for me. I've final on 29 of December. HELL YEAH!!! It stuck in between Christmas and New Year! No way! I wanna go for countdown and celebration la! How could I miss the big celebrations?! A BIG NO RIGHT?! :D So, I've to start doing revision by now. Quote: Saying is always louder than action LOL!!! Well, every time I told myself to do revision, but I end up with nothing for sure. WHY AM I BEING SO LAZY?! D: *Slap myself* I really want to score and maintain excellent results since I've to prove to my parents that I can balance studies and dancing.

I should stop craps and go for my topic of the day right? LOL! *Well, I always like to crap instead of speaking the topic. You'll know it if you've followed my twitter LOL!* I've joined a flashmob which being held at Sunway Pyramid last week. You know what? It's really fun! Especially with the TREN's members :D *HUGS* It's a special performance for Bizzy Body's campaign. Anyone saw it? LOL!!!


Tren's family :D There are 30+ of them who joined this event if I'm not mistaken.


Kept practising for the event. But we ain't tired at all :D


After the event. There were so many different costumes for the flashmob: School uniforms, casual wears, office ladies/guys and so on.


Went for MCD after the event :D

I don't have the video for the flashmob cause they haven't upload it yet. *Still in progressing* But I do have the another video for Born This Way by the 'Lady Gagas' *From Tren too* Check it out! *Here*

I'm not a dancer indeed. I'm just in love with dancing although I'm suck in it LOL! I really wish to dance like others who are really pro in dancing one. For this time, I will not give up again. Gonna remind myself why should I start it and why don't hold it until the end? Say 'GO FOR IT' to myself, I can do it right? (:

If you're interested in dancing, I'll suggest you to go for Tren's dancing studio (: Check out their information at here.