Thursday, February 25, 2010

new year post


came back from nilai
straight away went pasang (巴生) there to visit my relatives
until 10something we only headed to 东禅寺
again, dont have traffic jam cause it was late
but still got many car at car park there
luckily, we managed to park the car

enjoy the photo :)

2010 is TIGER year!

my mummy & daddy

actually i also dont know what is this xD

i like this 1

this 1 too!

wish u all get a result in SPM!

宫心计? LOL!


headed to 奶妈 house
( so sorry cause long time didn't visit her >< )
after that watched movie ( 72家租客 )
with all my relatives! u know what?
when i bought tickets with my sister
we told the counter
' we want to buy 25 tickets '
she said: ' 5 tickets? '
we said: ' no! is 25 tickets! '
she was shocked! LOL!

yeaa! we bought 25 tickets! 2 rows!
1st time we watched movie all together

the 25 pieces of tickets

steambot with all my relatives after that
enjoyed a lot that day!



Monday, February 22, 2010


yeahhh! finally im free to update what i've been done during this new year holiday
i think i'll sinopsis it cause the story was too long


daddy & mummy prepared lunch for us just like usual ( just for new year )

nice? of course! xD

visited 3 relatives house
got angpaus & chit chat there, no gamble :D
cause we all scare to lose all the money!
headed to 天后宫 at 10something ( night )
i'll suggest u to visit there after 11 cause dont have traffic jam
somemore easy to find parking


went back to nilai ( kampung ) at seremban there
watched 花田喜事 at the mines with my cousins
get to experience the speed of kancil when it turns 100+
rest at my popo's house
did nothing there
slept, steambot, online ( but got many websites cant search! >< )

to be continue :)

Friday, February 19, 2010

19 feb 2010

argghh!! we need to back to school start from tomorrow!
what a BAD news!
i enjoyed a lot during this chinese new year!
i will update it after new year
since today is co 8, i got no time to update it, need to bai tin gong aa!

say bye to this holiday

Saturday, February 13, 2010

13 feb 10

new year eve

woke up as usual as school day ( 6 something )
for what?
cause want to help my mum lor!
went to mum's stall at 7 o'clock
u know i saw what?!
there were so many cars there!
gosh! so early, aunty & uncle came pasar to buy things
for me, i think i'll choose sleep better :DDD

closed the shop at 4 and then went to my aunty's house
to accompany her to have reunion dinner :)
chit chat at there until 6 something only go back
after that busy cleaned my house
yay! my house is full of new year decoration now!
( i'll upload pic when i'm free )

had reunion dinner with my family too
since many years we didn't ate together
cause brother went overseas to study and now he had came back!
we are happy family!

well, i wish u all a very happy chinese new year
for those who have couple, wish u all happy valentine too!


Wednesday, February 3, 2010



strongly recommend u to watch their mv - OH!
is a catchy song!
go watch it!

and the other songs from this album:

01. Oh!
02. Show! Show! Show!
03. 笨&Fun ( Sweet Talking Baby )
04. 希望永远和你一起做梦 ( Forever )
05. 笑吧 ( Be Happy )
06. 火星人病毒 ( Boys & Girls ) - feat. key ( SHINee )
07. 焦糖咖啡 ( Talk To Me ) - jessica & tiffany
08. 星星星 ( ☆★☆ ) / ( star star star )
09. 无条件完美结局 ( Stick Wit U )
10. 只往好处想 ( Day by Day )
11. Gee
12. 说出你的愿望 ( Genie )

maybe some of u will say this album's songs got a bit weird
yea, but when u listen longer
u will found that the songs are so nice!
believe me, go listen! :)

the album


the groups

leader : tae yeon
hyo yeon
soo young
seoh hyun

i want their album!