Tuesday, May 25, 2010

25 may 2010

just update something about exam

sejarah - horray! the 1st paper. simply write simply do. paper 2 i chose form5 questions. i dont know why i'll chose it, but form4 1 ( question 3 & 4 ) also no idea what to write :X

bm 2 - not really understood what they need for rumusan. normally i'll blank the peribahasa part. HAHA! but, this time i got wrote 1, not sure it was correct or not. whole paper, ok lo. wrote till hand patah ==

bi 1 - chose ' COURAGE ' as my tittle, hope teacher can give me more marks a bit for this time * pray hard storyline was about confess, just suddenly thought this idea, so used it lol

pa 1 - have to work hard for account

bc 1 - chose 通告 &‘许多中学生不善于利用时间,常常瞎忙一场,结果一无所得。’谈谈中学生应该如何利用时间。quite statisfied for the essays part :)

pm - the paper i liked the most xD at least i knew how to do

ek - the WORST paper == no time to finish the paper and left question 2 blank! * paper 2 just got 2 questions saja i start wondering the results

pa - imbang for dokumen :D but maybe some details wrong. question 2: syarikat berhad, didn't do. question 3: perkongsian mygod! i dont know what i did also, wrong la! account, gone again

Sunday, May 23, 2010

23 may 2010

how come sometimes my family members just cant understand me?

tired of explained :(

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

19 may 2010

just a short update here

mid-term will start tomorrow
and the first paper is SEJARAH!
that's was cool right?
i have been exam for so many years
if im not wrong, i think SJ never be the first paper ever

oh well...
but, i dont have time to finish revise SJ for form4 and 5 also :x
i think im gonna to fail this exam =[

i hope this will not happen again for the next time
i should be more hardworking!
no more last minutes work!

i will warn myself! :x

Friday, May 14, 2010

14 may 2010

thomas cup for 2010

i know almost everyone watched that just now ( 7p.m )
and same to me too

dato lee chong wei,
as the representative of malaysia for the single match with lindan again
at last, lindan had won the match with 3:0
* if i'm not wrong

some of them will say :
' aiyaaa, no need to see also know the result lar! '
' of course lor! 1 so young another a bit old jor, sure lindan win lar! '
' 'qiu kap dan' sure win de lar! he so geng! '

and some of them will say :
' nvm! he has try his best! '
' LCW! dont be sad :( '
' gayaaoooooo! is ok, we still support u! '

as a malaysian,
i will still support him
although he lose the match
i hope non of us blame him because he lose
please understand that he had tried his best to play the game
we should encourage him
this is what i think
hope u do :)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

9 may 2010

as we know
today is mother's day
how u celebrate with ur mum?
share with me :)

well i celebrated with my family at dpc this afternoon
went 全一面 to have lunch
and of course
we paid it lor xD
* share with sisters & brother
after that shopped at MaxValu to buy some daily stuff
then had a walk at the taman there

a simple celebration with mum
hope she like it :)


the main character for today
my mum

my dad with bright smile
so cute xD

my brother


pimpleless, jealous :(


nice 1, bau with something inside
but dont know what its name already :x

so regret to eat this ==
the taste.. weird lar

rm10, but mama dei lor :x

bought some daily stuff at MaxValu

the figure of this car damn nice leh

let's jump! xD




with sister

my dad & mum

start from the left:
brother (1), eldest sister (2), 2nd sister (3)

and im (4) the camera girl for today :D


my lazyness make me fail the task :(

Monday, May 3, 2010

3 may 2010

how come i cant view my friend's blog sometimes?
make me dont have the mood to blog anymore!
ishhh, stupid line!! :X

well, this few days i watched a lot of movies
* suddenly addicted to movies already xD
like angel and demon, eragon, davinci code, underworld and so on
all also interesting :D
i really enjoy to watch those kinds of movies
something about 魔幻, 科幻, 悬疑片...
maybe something wont happen in this world
but i still like it xD

but the problem is...
mid-year is coming soon
i cant just let myself to sit in front of the computer
and watch movie non-stop!
i must force myself to study already
* but usually i told myself not to study 1 ==
cause of my lazyness

well, hope i can do so
although i know i wont ==