Wednesday, March 30, 2011


What will you choose between family trip or take SPM results and hang out with bunch of buddies? :O Well, I chose family trip :D Why? Because this is a rare chance for me to go out with my family. My parents usually won't go out, everyday just work and work and work. Since I don't really can travel with them, so I chose family trip (:

20-21/3/2011 .

We moved to Ipoh by 3p.m after my parents came back from work. My sister's boyfriend led us to herritage hotel since we are not really sure where it located. Oh yeah, my sister's boyfriend lives at Ipoh. He passed us a GPS so that we won't lost. Seriously, dont really believe in GPS! We've tried many times, GPS don't have the latest road signal. Well, I could not slept well on that night because of SOME MATTER. If I'm not wrong, I only slept for 1-2hours? :/ Too bad, can't rest well. Everyday I wake up at 6.45a.m to prepare to go out. Early right? No choice, they want to eat breakfast at 8a.m.

You know what? Actually I hope I can meet some of my ns friends at Ipoh. Cause there are quite many of them from Perak. Who knows when I checked fb's updates at Penang's hotel, one of my friend, Elroy told me that he saw a person that look like me at the dimsum's shop. *We had dimsum as our breakfast that morning* I was like OMG?! why don't you call me? xD Fine, we still can meet on next time.

Hmmm, many luggages right? xD

this is one of the view of herritage hotel

my room (:

My mum bought me this - cake's recipe when we were shopping at Ipoh Parade :D Oh yeah, I like baking a lot! Thanks mum!

We planed to go to THE LOST WORLD which located at tambun. BUT! When we reached there, we saw the board that wrote, hot spring will only be open by afternoon :O So, we just took some photos and straight away headed to Penang. What a sad case ):

my mummy, so cute! :D Did all the preparation to hot spring, but at last canceled ):

The view of THE LOST WOLRD. It is a theme park like sunway lagoon.

Sunburn! LOL!

Is my relatives! I like to travel with them, cause they are so funny and kind! :D

BYE! We will come back again!

Say hi to PENANG! :D

You can see where is it from our background. Yea, this is a temple! Penang is famous of having a lot of temples.

The location of 睡佛

This is for education 1. * chanting * Hope i can do well in college's life.

This is what we mean for 点灯

Thanks for the cameraman for helping us.

Lunch at Gurney walk.

After lunch, went back to NAZA HOTEL cause started raining already ): Too bad, can't visit any places more due to raining. Well, naza hotel is really not bad, recommend you all to choose this because it located at beach, 3 star hotel, cheap and nice! :D Took a rest and had our dinner at THE SHIP.

At hotel

The biggest THE SHIP restaurant that I saw. So nice!

my order: mushroom soup!

maryland. OMG! I'm so fulled after i finished both of these :/

All taste good!

The happy family :D

With my elder sister. Well, many people also said that I look older than her :/ Isit?

Snapped photos around since the environment is so nice XD

To be continue... Too many photos, I'm not able to post them all in 1 day.

Friday, March 25, 2011


Finally, I'm here to blog about my ns life. Well, sorry for keep delaying about that. I really dont know where to start and what to say. That is too much for me to share with you all. But sometimes, not everything can describe in words. So, I will just simply go through about that. Hope that you can try to imagine how exciting and wonderful is it. (:

Time: 2/1/2011 - 13/3/2011

Reached camp on 2 of Jan. I was the third girl to register, so I was given to P3. ( means dorm 3 ) Everyday we did the same thing like PT pagi - morning exercise, roll call, class and so on. We forced to wake up early in the morning. OMG, I can't believe that I can wake up at 5 smth every morning. HAHHAA. What a surprise for me. The taste of the food there considered not bad for me actually, not that bad that I imagined. But because of NS, I can really eat spicy food now XD We had buddhism class on every Wednesday and Thursday night for the Buddha prayers. On Sunday, we can go to temple. We had free food that prepared by the teachers there. They are just so kind :D

January activities: Marching, KKJ presentation - something like agreement, bleep test - running test, photo session, ceramahS, opening ceremony, sastera night, fire drill, kembara halangan...

February activities: khidmat komuniti, celebration of CNY, flying fox, bumi hijau, ceramahS, sukan kreativiti - water games like ( kayak, rakit and water confident )...

March activities: menembak, pertandingan sukan, blood donation, wirajaya , night of reminiscence...

Overall these are all the activities that we had at PLKN. Still got many things that I didn't list out actually. Well, I really enjoyed for the activities like flying fox, water games, menembak, persembahan, volleyball match and lots. I gained many new experiences from camp's life. I did many things that I never do when I'm at home. Although we had hatred and arguements sometimes, but I still love them. We shared our feelings together. When somebody is not enough of food, we would shared our food with them. I tried not to cry on the last 2 days. But when they huged me, my tears still droped. There are so many memories that we created together in these 3months. I will never forget it. I will definitely miss you all!

LOVE KEM NILAM EHSAN, BRAVO TEAM AND P3 MEMBERS! And of course, all my friends there! :D I know, we can still meet again in some days. (:

Photo sessions:

my dorm (:

my place!!! :D so clean right? :P

My company, company BRAVO!

CNY celebration. If you got read newspaper, I'm sure you got saw the news.

hardworks from the jurulatih and pelatih.

This was what P3's pelatih contributed. We made this under the hot sun for 2 hours+ :/

P3's pelatih! :D we are a family

Temple that we went

KN1 won champion in a competition :D

still my dormates :D

we are BRAVO CREW!

James, pw, kainee and kit yin

Lenny, the indian + chinese mix (:

the very first time I donated blood!!! * nervous *

the last night, tinggal kenangan

the song:

LOL! no idea what happened to my hair, i just tied all up :/ Look like botak :O
From left: jeecheng, yanting, caiyun, liyen

prasana, kai nee, pui wan, kit yin

yy, yvone, roza and fina

teah, dini, zu and wai ling

nana, ayu, mira and san

hui si, treny, fionz, xue ying

fionna, shakthy, gawrie

shammi, sharon, kah wai, steph

carbee, carmen, ben, elroy ( tomato :D ), nicole

fish, joel, yao hui, summer
and i wonder why i kept posted with 'yeah' :/

bao xin, xiao bing, fish, aaron and carmen

xinyi, wai ling, yy ( cc & yy :D ) and ivan
the very first time that I wore cheongsam.

13 of march, the day of going back home ):

my gang (: thanks for giving me such a good memory, hope u all can live happily :D

Well, I still havent get all the photos yet. So, if you want to see more, u can visit this site, and click the plkn photo album.


*omg, i used 2 hours + to complete this post, hope u enjoy my post *