Sunday, September 25, 2011


Guys and girls, I'm back again! :D Sorry for not updating my blog for this week. For your information, my 2nd semester started from this Monday. Seriously, I'm still in holiday mood D: Haven't been awaken from that yet. I want to enjoy more! But I know, this is impossible right? This semester might be busier compare to last semester. I got my results for semester one, it was not bad actually. I wanna aim for more, so I have to put more efforts for this semester onwards :D

Headed to Pavilion with Yanni again. Well, before that, we went KLCC's Kinokuniya to grab the magazines that ordered by my aunty. I always have some questions in my mind. Why foreigners like to do reading during their free time? But not Malaysian? Well, I'm one of them too LOL! Don't know why, I don't really like reading, it can make me feel sleepy all the time. Some of the books are quite interesting actually, but expensive D: I do hope that next time when I start to earn money, I will buy all the books that I want to buy and try to make reading as my habit :D

Back to Pavilion again. The main reasons for us to go to Pavilion are because of the celcom bill and Tokyo Street. Although Tokyo Street had already available for few months if I'm not mistaken, but I seldom go there for shopping one, so now only pay a visit to the Tokyo Street. To be frank, I never realize that Pavilion is quite a great place for shopping and chilling with friends or family :D All photos taken by Iphone since I'm really lazy to take out my camera D: I'm finding a strap for my camera so that it'll be more secure and not easily fall from my hand.

Snapped this from Kinokuniya. The view is great right? Do you spot a swimming pool like place at the left hand side (upside)? I wonder is there any place like that at surrounding of KLCC? O:

Do you know what is this? I was being told by Yanni that this is one of the crack collection of nail polish from The Face Shop. It's really fresh for me cause I never see this kind of thing before LOL! Should say that I never know it. You just need to polish it on your nails then it'll automatically crack itself. Cool right? For embellish it, you can try to put the base first then only use this for the pattern.

The heels that attracted me a lot, 2 inch heels perhaps? It's from Clarks and costs about RM200+ I think? Unfortunately, I can't afford to buy it ):

A present from Aunty Queenie :D BIG HUGS FOR HER! :D Guess, what's inside?

It's a purse like case from Coloris :D I desperate to have this for a long time already. Nice right? It's really portable cause you just need to put your hand phone and money inside then you can go out already, maybe tissue too? :D

Tokyo Street from the sixth floor at Pavilion! :D

with my girl, Yanni :D And the square head anime, To-fu! Don't ask my why it being named as To-fu cause even myself also don't know at all LOL!

Saw this at one of the shop, SNSD!!! Hope they're coming for Asia Tour D:

Okay, I really want to find some part time jobs to raise my Iphone and also to buy some personal stuff D: Why is money so hard to earn while all the things are so expensive! Duh, depress. Transport is my main problem to reach college which make me so frustrated recently. I gonna get my license as fast as possible so that I can drive there. God bless me, I still don't know how to go college tomorrow. LOL!

Friday, September 16, 2011


Boom!!! I'm back to blogging again :D Ponder what to blog about recently. Seems like my holiday is going to end soon. Actually it's enough for me already, cause I know if the holiday last longer, then I'll be lazier to go back to college again, right?

Since I came back from National Service, I have never meet my NS friends again, it's like almost half year? Well, there are some of them are studying at the same college with me too. Seriously, I miss them a lot! I just feel that actually NS life is so healthy that I never admit before. People tend to be appreciated when something is gone, am I right?

Had a small gathering with two of my NS friends at Times Square on this Tuesday. Three of us decided to have a karaoke session at Neway since Neway is having student promotion. For your information, students that have bring their student IDs can enjoy 50% off for Happy Hour, 1-6pm. It just costs you RM11 per person, superb worth right? Yeah, just 3 of us went there and sang like nobody business. LOL! And you know what, we were so tired and the very first time I felt like don't wanna sing but chose to chat with my friends. Unbelievable!

A very pretty girl, Kainee :D

The cute one, PW :D

Yours truly, the hideous one. I wonder why every time I smile till so weird D:

Camwhore with my dear and my baby phone :D I got my baby a case in pink color! A very simple one, but it's nice. I will only buy other cases when I got money D:

So this is the outcome from last picture? LOL! Exactly.

The buddies :D The photo is quite blur right? D:

For Iphone users, you might know where's from. It's the effect of Instagram, a photo editor trend for now. I'm still exploring for that. LOL!

Last shot!

Well, what I want to say is, true friends are people who are not around you for a long time yet still can chat with you without awkward at all. This is what true friends are. Although we didn't chat with each other often, but when we met up, we got unstoppable topics to chat with. I love you, girls (; We should have another HUGE gathering for our Bravo members right? Look forward to it (;

Monday, September 12, 2011


Hey boys and girls! How are you all? :D Sorry for discarding my blog for one week plus. This whole week I also stay at home and keep watching dramas and movies for all day long. Yet, I still didn't feel any boredom at all during this whole semester break.

Yesh, I got 3 weeks holiday :D
Quite enjoying and at the same time my money keep flying away due the the outing and purchasing of new stuff D: I feel good to go out with bunch of my buddies and bought the goodies that I like. But I feel so badly to myself too cause I wasted a lot of money during this semester break ): What a sad case, I need to work part time job to earn back the money again ): Searching for part time job, any recommend jobs? By the way, I got myself an Iphone 4 today at Pavilion after 1 week searching :D Hmmm, guess what? I don't know how to use it at all, so noob right? I know D: Until now, I'm still exploring my new baby.

Here comes my new baby, Iphone 4! :D

Okay, now I'm going to introduce you guys the dramas and movies that I watched for this 2 weeks. Guess what? I finished 4 dramas and 3 movies in just 2 weeks time. How crazy am I right? Yea, almost everyday I watch dramas until midnight, around 3-4 a.m. and this is the reason why the pimples keep popping out on my face! Urgh, please perish and disappear lar! D: I hate pimples so much! * Well, I guess nobody like pimples right? So, high five! :D *

My Lucky Star 放羊的星星, the drama that I recommended before right? I finished it right after I done my test.
Rate: 9.3/10
Comment: A superb touching dramas. If you will cry while watching dramas, I bet you will cry when you're watching this.

Sunny Happiness 幸福最晴天, a quite true and not fake story. The girl is becoming prettier episode by episode. Watch it, then you'll know why I say so.
Rate: 9/10
Comment: Hhmm, if you like a true story, then this may be your choice (:

My girlfriend is gumiho 我的女友是九尾狐, I bet quite many of you watch this drama already right? Yea, it's very famous last year.
Rate: 9.3/10
Comment: The story is interesting, can't believe that there's a story behind the gumiho.

Well, he is the 2nd main character in this drama. He's No Min Woo. Superb handsome right?! Well, I can't take my eyes off him when he appeared in every episodes LOL!

My princess 我的公主, a new drama for this year. By the way, the ending part maybe will be different than what you think.
Rate: 9/10
Comment: If you like romance story, you'll like this drama too

Miss Ripley, a drama that tell you the story behind a girl that hope to get respects from the others. How I wish that the ending part can be changed D: But too bad, it's not.
Rate: 9.2/10
Comment: The storyline is interesting. I learned a lot from this dramas.

Lee Da Hye, the main character from this drama. I know her from My girl. She's really pretty and attractive.

Insidious, guess that many of you watch it too right? I heard it from my friends. All of them said that this movie is very horror and that's why I chose to watch it. Well, the beginning is quite boring cause I don't know what's going on at all. But, the ending part did surprise me a lot. I didn't expect that his father will died. Overall, not really scary for me.
Rate: 8.7/10
Comment: Well, if you like horror movie, you may watch it, but the horror part will only start from middle part LOL!

Beastly, a story about a guy who looks handsome at beginning, due to some reason, he turns into a beast look. He was given 1 year to find his true love, who love him from the bottom of the heart but not through face, outlook.
Rate: 8.7/10
Comment: Nice storyline which can give lesson to those who has a good looking outlook but don't have a good heart.

The roommate, another horror movie that I watched. Err, some scenes are quite disgusting for me. A story about a girl who fall in love with her roommate. Yesh, lessbian. She did everything that she thought that she was protecting the girl that she likes. Hmm, what I can say is she's the horror one.
Rate: 8.9/10
Comment: Well, maybe you can get an idea that girl is dangerous and scary than guy for sometimes LOL!

Both of them are gorgeous! I like the left hand side one. She's so charming and fashionate! :D

That's all for today. You can try to watch these few dramas and movies if you are free. They are not bad actually. Well, gonna go and bath now. * I know it's not healthy to bath so late, but I used to it D: Will try to change this bad habit * Lastly, Happy Mid Autumn Festival to everyone (; Hope that this festival will not be forgotten and last until forever. To all chinese, we should celebrate it since it's our traditional right? (;

Saturday, September 3, 2011


Before I start my blog post, I need some opinions and suggestions from you guys. Initially, I will not chase for high tech phones like smart phones. It's considered as unnecessary thing for me. But when I slowly slowly approach to technology, I start to addict to the functions of smart phones D: Sometimes, it's really irresistible, I can't control myself. Well, I intend to buy either Samsung Galaxy 2 or Iphone 4. Can anyone of you differentiate both of them and tell me which one is better? Although I know both are good too. It's really hard for me the make the decision D: *headache*

Okay, back to my title. Went ice skating at Sunway Pyramid with my secondary school classmates last few day :D Such a long time didn't have a chat with them. Everyone is busying with their own business, some are working, some are having college life... Well, what I can say is, the feeling of meeting with old friends is GREAT! Although we got long long time didn't meet up, yet we still can chat with nobody business :D *grimace* You know what, we non-stop chatting with each other until I felt thirsty in eventually LOL! How pro are us right? (x

The cute one, mui hui :D

The guys.

With my buddy, sin peng :D Yesh, I was wearing angry bird tee! (;

Momo, the pretty :D

We love skating! Although I'm not a professional, but I still like to skate. How I wish that I can go there often D: Need to advise some of you who wanna go skating, please be careful, cause I saw many of them injured that day. Tips: Do not skate at middle, cause mostly people will skate at there and maybe will bump with somebody and make you fall down. If can, please wear long pants if you don't know how to skate. Cause it's more easy to get up if fall down. (:

Another gang of guys

Our colorful gloves :D

Pretty like this shirt, it's cute!

White and fair skin they have! Left: Kashin

How silly they are d:

Random, planning where to eat.

Pretties :D

Candid shot! First time wearing slipper to big shopping mall O:

Why I looked so tired? D: But actually I was totally worn-out that day. First time feel like going back home so much LOL!

DONE! BYE! :D Remember to give me some opinions about the phones (;