Saturday, October 22, 2011


WHATSSUP GUYS! :D I'm here to blog again after a week? Okay, let's proceed to the main topic. Yeah, I'm here to talk about KPOP! For your information, I'm a kpop freak! I AM! I love kpop since Form1. I'm not really a hardcore fan of KPOP as I still listen to other songs as well. HEY, english and chinese songs are nice though! :D From my opinion, you don't really need to understand the lyrics, just listen to the melody and rhythm, don't you think that's so catchy? If you really want to know the meaning of the lyrics, just GOOGLE IT up! It won't really take your time right? So, try to listen to KPOP, actually their music are nice too :D

If you have a twitter account, I bet that you had noticed that SOME GROUPs are being trending recently in twitter right? YESH, IT'S GIRLS GENERATION!!!They have a comeback stage on OCTOBER! :DDD Have you listened to their new song, THE BOYS? If you haven't, CHECK IT OUT NOW! Cause you will be loving it for sure! The song is just too awesome, everything is fantabulous! :DDD Actually the song has 2 versions, one is korea and another one is in english version. But the english version was being blocked, and I don't know why ): For korea version, check it out here.


Don't you think that the song is really catchy? They are going to debut at USA with the english version of THE BOYS, I believe they can do it! GIRLS GENERATION MAKE YOU FEEL THE HEAT! :D They did put a lot of efforts and made the debut, they deserve the hit! Sometimes, people just can't see the efforts and keep blaming them just from their views. If you are one of them, don't call yourself as a music lover, cause YOU ARE NOT! Don't be over-bias and make judgement on other people. I love every genres of music, I respect all the artists and singers too. You have no idea how hard they been through. Please be a responsible and mature fan. Reflect yourself before you judge others. (:

They are so pretty :D

The girls :D

SNSD, you make it (; THE BOYS is totally a hit! :D LOVE YOU GIRLS!

Tuesday, October 11, 2011


It's been a week I didn't update again? Well, thanks #pyee for reminding me! :D Oh yeah, I've chose 'WEDDING' as my topic for the presentation. Hope I can do well for that, IT'S MY VERY FIRST INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATION! Damn nervous and worry! ): I scare that I can't speak fluently and confidently since my speaking is quite terrible? Oh, pray for it!

I've downloaded a new apps for my baby, Iphone :D Yeah, it's LINE! Actually it's pretty same with the function of WHATAPPS and VIBER too. But LINE has more emoticons that others don't have :D You can save your own QR Code and post it out then you can ask your friends to scan the code to add you as friends in LINE. Cool right? Let's play it! Whoever wants to add me as their friend, please tell me yea (:


Why there are so many pretties out there? Looking at their photos, I feel so envious ): no matter is their skin, proportion or the beauty.

Thursday, October 6, 2011


When I was on the way to college this morning, I heard a SHOCKING NEWS on One FM while I was playing with my Iphone at the same time. I bet all of you know about it right? The death of Steve Jobs. Well, for your information, Steve Jobs is the co-founder of Apple inc. I'm not going to tell you the history of him, cause all of these you can find it at Google or anywhere else right? I believe that you don't really want to read something which is exactly same with the others right?

I'm going to share my opinion particularly on this. Seriously, I was one of them who don't really like Apple product at first. Why? Because their systems are slightly different with others. For instance, Apple products can only share the documents/files among themselves but not the others. Selfish right? Until now, I'm still standing in this point although I'm one of the Apple user LOL!

As time goes by, I started to addict in smart phone's function and felt like owning one too. So I did the research on few products, like Samsung Galaxy 2, Iphone 4, HTC sensation and so on. Unbelievably, I chose to buy Iphone 4 at last as the functions of it really attracted me a lot. I like the well organize files from Iphone, I like the appearance, I like the functions... Everything has its good and bad sides, nothing is perfect. Same goes to mobile phone too. Although I dislike some part of it, but I think I can still manage to accept the others.

Thanks Steve Jobs for changing my mind. The creation of Apple will not be forgotten in our life. We appreciate your creation as it changes our life into more interesting (: You're the legend, Steve Jobs. Rest in peace (:

We'll remember you for sure, the Apple creator.

Did you guys hear about OSKIC? OSK Investment Challenge is one of the investment game which only open for campus students to participate without using your money at all. You'll be given a start-up capital of RM100,000 virtual money to display your trading expertise. For those who come out tops in their portfolio will get the chance to win the game. For more information, you can click here. I did join the game too! Although I don't have any knowledge about it, but seriously I got interest in buying shares a lot. I just wanna try my luck and at the same time learn a little bit about shares trading too :D Anyone join this game too?

Sunday, October 2, 2011


Life is weird. You go from being strangers, to being friends. To being more than friends, to being practically strangers again. #girlposts

Couldn't agree more with this sentence. No matter are friends, lovers or passer-by, it's possible for us to meet each other and start the friendship or relationship. Things never go smooth in our life. We have to conquer all the obstacles to remain the good condition. If you're the winner, congratulation, you can continue the destiny with your loves one. What if you lose the game? Well, possibility that the sentence may be worked. What's more? Life is simple but it's not easy. No pain no gain right?



I've learned to treat everyone nice no matter how they treat me. If they do not appreciate it, that's their loss. I won't blame anyone anymore, it's my responsibility to make myself feel good. Sometimes, I do believe in karma. (:

I've been addicted to Twitter recently. I love to read the quotes that I've followed. Sometimes, it does really give me inspiration and knowledge to make my life better. Do follow me if you want, eminey626.

Question: I've to choose a topic for my English individual presentation, yet I still haven't decide the topic yet. I need an interesting topic, any ideas? Please leave your comment here, it may help me a lot. Thanks! (: