Monday, August 31, 2009

31 aug 2009

29 aug 2009
go red island cafe hav breakfast wif 2 sisters
after tat
decide to watch movie at jusco
due to age problem
me n w.shya cant watch laughing哥之变节
becoz it is 18above!
sad ><

so v goona choose another movie
it is UP!
nice n Q movie

fish & chips

my drink : fallen in love :)

31 august 2009

d last post for tis month
n say helo to new month

today is national day
but i din feel anythings abt our national day LOL!
is it so quiet...

after tis day
v goona back to skol ald
but i like holiday more than skol life =[
coz skol life was bored!

tis few days aso bz chasing taiwan's drama [ 败犬女王 ]
get it from fatty laz time
n i finish watch it by today
use 4 days to finish 21episode!
geng leh xD

n i borrow final destination from yenny's kaima
coz many ppl say tis movie very horrible n disgusting
so feel like wanna watch it =X

n i watch final destination 2
well, finally i noe y they say like tat
becoz d way they dead is really veryyyy disgusting
quite expect d coming soon movie [ final destination 4 ]
hope can watch it at cinema

say bye bye to tis holiday

Friday, August 28, 2009

29 aug 2009

28 august 2009

d 1st time i go out during tis holiday
damnn happy!

go 1u at 2smth
wif yenny parents [ mum, 2 brothers ] n her kaima
decide to cheong k at neway
v start sing at 3 until 7pm only go out!
quite fun!

after tat
v go 龙的传人 to hav our dinner
again, 1st time eat at there
d environment very nice
enjoy eating there
n took some pic wif yenny heheee :)

at k room


at restaurant

29 aug 2009

wake up at 1030
wait sinpeng n shernis cum
[ due to performance, so jwen din cum =X ]

discuz wanna do wat title for our group lisan
v decide to do about FACEBOOK!
hahaaaa! hope it is interesting!

shernis + sinpeng
at my huz :)

our title
my drawing


feel tat i like holiday so much

Saturday, August 22, 2009

22 aug 2009

yesterday was my oral test
n v r d volunteer! xD

our title :
' not doing well in skol does not mean you dunhav a good future '
at d question section
i think jwen answer quite well for tat
although teacher say she got quite lot of grammer mistake
but she still can answer it very fast

me? i din ever answer it
i stop when teacher ask me
' r you honest? '
i answer ' half '
then she ask me y again?
[ a lot of Y question! ]
n i stop here, i dunno how to answer it
too bad! my marks only 15!
mean half of d oral test marks
[ full is 30 ]

tis really prove tat my eng is very poor
i noe
* sigh *

i dunwan to b like tat anymore!



well, is holiday now
but, h1n1 everywhere
so frenz
if you wan to go out
better wear a mask!
be caution!


Monday, August 17, 2009

17 aug 2009

time passed so faz!

i dunwan to miss any second, any minute, any hour

i will try to appreciate it!

i dunwan to be regret

just do wat u wan :)

my time = my story

Monday, August 10, 2009

10 august 2009

strongly recommend tis song

双人舞 - 潘玮伯 ft 李多海 ( mv 女主角 )

i like d 水晶音乐 at d started there
so niceeeeeee! :)

wilber pan new album [ 007]
1. 双人舞 :D
2. 限量发行
3. 无重力
4. be with you :D
5. 爱的歌
6. 寂屋出租
7. 自我意识
8. 亲爱的
9. everytime's goodtime
10. 怎么着
11. dont wanna say goodbye

all aso quite nice
can go listen listen heheheeee =)

李多海 very pretttyyy!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

5 august 2009

a new record for me!
today got back my account monthly test paper
wow! u noe wat i saw?
i did not get mark like tis be4

for me, is a new record!
is bad
i cant blame anyone
becoz i din study for tat
duno y they feel account very easy
but i feel it very difficult ><


isit late? maybe
but if now did not do it well
is hard to continue next year

wat happen to me?
tis 2 weeks i aso cant sleep well
wat am i thinking abt?


but y i cant sleep well??!!!
i wan more sleepy time!
is very tired

many ppl sick
hope they can recover fast

Sunday, August 2, 2009

2 days post

1 august 2009

is august now, new month
a new starting for me? maybe

today go out wif my cousin to low yat
for wat? sure sing k lo!
well, i enjoy singing so much! xD
wont feel boring at all

after tat, go T.S shopping for a while
sister wanna buy clothes
i so poor, juz can c cant buy TT

at nite go my aunty mum's huz for buftday party
eat meehun n fruits
n chit chatting at there until 12 only go back
sooo tired!

2 august 2009

today is my eldest sister birthday
wanna wish her a very happy birthday!
i like her so much!
a very nice person :)

go eat lunch wif my aunt n cousin
i order mocca+capucino & ji si gok fan
delicious! :D
like it so much! hahahaaa

me + my cousin at T.S

moccha + cappucino

ji si gok fan

my sis + cousin

d gal for today =)


[ 很对不起啊! ]
永远的仙后 ")

forever tvxq, forever cassiopeia

just wan a simple n happy life
is tat difficult?