Saturday, September 22, 2012


It's my very first time using iPhone to blog. I used to prefer using lappy to blog but now I feel like trying this as all my photos are in my phone, I'm quite lazy to transfer the photos to my computer. Anyway, I guess it's quite convenience to use phone to blog huh? I can blog and update at anytime ;D *wink

Okay! Let's talk about my holiday. I planned to work to earn incomes for myself but I failed to do so ): this whole holiday I was going out for every weekends and kept spending like nobody business *cry I'm so damn poor now #SADMAXXX by the way, I'm kinda enjoy, one day trip with my bunch of friends, performing, Shopping and fooling around, never regret of it still. (: I still do not wish to go back to my college life now ): #MissMyHolidaysss

Genting one day trip with the buddies :D Love chilling at Genting, too bad that I can't purchase starbucks on that day, if not it will be more perfect.
Another one day trip again, heading to Pulau Ketam! :D First time been there, it's quite surprising for me cause you can't see cars at there.
Have my driving lessons and test on this holiday FINALLY!
Guess what? I PASS THE TEST! I've my P license now! :D
First time performing! It's a great experience! And thanks them for giving me supports! Love you guys!
Guess what song were we dancing? It's OPPA GANGNAM STYLE!
With the OMGalz as well :D
Again, second time performing at Sunway Pyramid for Ellui Opening Ceremony :D
First time makeup by myself :D Love curling my hair :D         

Thursday, August 23, 2012


Okay, it's been a really freaking long time I never update my blog. Hmmm, let's see the last post, APRIL?! I wonder how many times I've abandoned my blog since I enrolled to college life. :/ I'm having my sem break now, but what I can say is, year 2 life is freaking busy. Everyday every weeks I have to busy for my assignments and some other stuff. Finally, it comes to sem break after the torturing weeks for final.

So, IT'S SEM BREAK! What to do? Trip? Work? Gathering? What else? I'm always desperate to go for tripssssss, anyone wanna bring me along? :/ However, the main problem is, I DON'T HAVE MONEY TO GO! Sighhhhhhhh ): What I can do is WORK! PART TIME JOBS NEEDED!!! I don't know why recently it's so hard for me to find jobs, not even one! Or else, I miss it.

I'll try my best to maintain my blog, IF I'm not busy and lazy :P Just a little short update here, ciaozzzz! :D

Photo from Instagram (: Follow me now: Eminey626

Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Week

Do you know that actually empty beverage cartons can be recycled too? Well, I've no knowledge about this at all until I got a job for this event. Yeah, it's the earth week event organised by Tetra Pak at One Utama, Rainforest (Lower Ground) on last Friday till Sunday. Did anyone been there?

I've no idea why I will apply for this job, I guess I'm too desire to earn money. LOL! As you know, this is an event about recycle, it sounds boring isn't it? Some more, the booth is located at lower ground, at the rainforest there. NO AIR-COND at all! I started to sweat from morning till night for the 3 days. If you ask me whether I'm regret to get this job or not, I'll tell you, NO I'M NOT! Although it's a tiring job, but I get a lot of information about Tetra pak. At least I learn something new, and I realized that not many people will bother about this. It's actually a sad case. We should always support this kind of events to save our earth isn't it?

The empty beverage cartons. You guys can actually check the bottom of your beverage cartons/package drinks, for some of them you can find the Tetra Pak logo there.

The Tetra Pak logo :D

The free drinks :D The persons in charge are so nice, they let us drink it for free. Aww!

Too bad that the booth is located at Rainforest, all the smokers came out to smoke! Urgh! Non-stop inhaling the smokes for that 3 days. Sick of it!

Seriously, I've lots of fun with the working friends during the 3 days. It's quite boring for some times as nobody really want to bother us at all. ): What we have to promote is to ask the people to bring us one empty beverage cartoon and then they can have a chance to play the games and win the prizes. All the prizes are made by the beverage cartons which have been recycled. Or else, they can also provide us 10 empty beverage cartons and we will give them a free potted plant and package drinks. But as I know, not everyone will carry a package drink to shopping malls right? They can actually donate RM10 for the Save Belum, Temengor Forest and get a potted plant + package drinks too. It's actually very worth plus you get to dedicate to the earth.


New friend of mine :D She is the another promoter who is working with me for this event too :D


She is the one who in charge of carton craft, a shy girl :D Spot the scorpion on her hand? It's very cool right? Done by the pretty girl and mama who are in charge of face painting. :D

For Saturday and Sunday, we have another events which is totally free for kids which are carton crafts and face paiting. Eventhough we have stated it's only for kids, but some of the adults are being attracted by the face painting which their arts are really amazing. Despite that, we also allowed them to join the event for free too. Isn't it fun? Yeah, I've made myself a pretty butterfly on my hand too :D I love it so much, but too bad, it can't last long. ): Anyways, even the event is over for this location, if you want to know more about Tetra pak or how can you recycle the beverage cartons, you can actually refer to their website to get more information or contact them.


Carton craft session. 

Face painting session. There are quite many cute kidos participated in this session :D

The butterfly on my hand! :D Amazing right? Love it so much! :D

Guess I've to stop here, or else I might blog too much. LOL!!! And, sorry for the blur photos. :/

Tuesday, April 17, 2012


HELP!!! Can anyone tell me how to fix this problem? I've tried for few months, but it still can't work at all. I wanna manage the 'following' button, if you know how to fix it, please tell me or leave a comment here. THANKS PEOPLE!



Saturday, April 7, 2012


I ALMOST FORGET I'VE A BLOG HERE!!! :/ *Slap myself How could I forget it. Blame the laziness of mine that make me don't feel like blogging. Since I'm having a almost-one-month-sem-break now, I will try my best to update it. :D I PROMISE! Wonder how many times I've promised it? LOL! I've no idea, but I knew it's quite many times already. :X *Fingercrossed

What can I do for this one-month-sem-break huh? The only thing that comes to my mind at first is WORK! Yeah, I need part time jobs badly. I'm a serious candidate! Please hire me cause I need money. :/ Perhaps the resumes I sent were acceptable. PLEASE! Promoter, ushers, sampling, flyers.. Anything will do. I wanna gain more working experiences as I do think that it will help me for my future career. I need to communicate more, IN ENGLISH! :/ Seriously, I seldom speak in English unless I meet banana LOL! Nobody wants to speak with me in English at college, so I usually type but not speak.

Bet you might be curious why I need to earn money so much. Thanks to my greediness! Remember that I bought a camera-LX5 and iphone4 last year? Hell yeah, I need to return the money to my sister as I lend it from her to buy my camera. Some more, the monthly fees for Iphone4 can really kill me since I don't really work when I've class. T^T Now you know what situation I'm?

HELP: Anyone knows how to manage the following list? Cause when I click the manage button, it turned out error! And I've no idea how to fix it. Please leave a comment here if you know how to fix it, thanks.


IMMA CHATIME LOVER! Tell me what flavor is nice, I would like to try all of them :D

Love this song so much! Invincible by Nikki Flores. Seriously, fall in love with her voice!

I will come back here again!

Monday, March 12, 2012


Sometimes, life cannot be the same as what you wish or hope for. Problem always occur when you're trying to get through it. Always remind yourself, not to give up. Why? When you decide to make this decision, ask yourself, why should you start it. 

If you're not interested in it, then why you want to stop it when it's still on going. We must learn how to deal with troubles, problems or some hardcore feelings. Yeah, it's very easy to speak it out, but it's so hard to do it. Doesn't it? 

Maybe you can explain the same thing to your friend, but not to yourself. (: No matter how, life still go on. Cheer for everyday. (:

P/S: Can anyone tell me how to manage the blog that I'm following? The manage button is not function at all. HELP!

Saturday, February 25, 2012


How I wish that I won't start my new post with the same line again. BUT, I fail to do so again cause I've quite a long time never update my blog again. It seems that I'm getting lazier already ): No matter is to update my blog or my studies, I'm so lazy to do all the assignments and study for midterm now. #SlapMyself

Well, this is just a short update to clear the dust of my blog. This week is the 3rd week of this short semester which means 4 more weeks to go before final exam. TIME PASSES, everything is happened in a blink of eyes. I still can't believe that I has been entered to college for almost a year and I'm 19 now! OMG! I miss my high school life a lot. ): Anyhow, we still have to adapt to the new environment.

recently love to spend my free time with them :D

 Simply love this photo (;

Life is full of challanges. Don't stress yourself but try to face them and change it to motivation. (:


Friday, February 3, 2012


You know what? I've changed my blog's layout again. LOL!!! Seems so lifeless? Actually I'm seeking for the suitable one to match my blog. And now I found this! :D Simple and nice right? Okay, for your information, I'm still in holiday now. Semester break for 3 weeks since the week before Chinese New Year. Next Wednesday I gonna back to college life again. #Unwillingly

Let's talk about how I spent my Chinese New Year then. Sorry for procrastinating to update my blog, you know I'm always being the lazy one. #Shame Basically, I spent my whole week of CNY with my family and relatives. WHY? Because I know we don't really meet our relatives often while compare to friends. We should maintain the relationship with each other and don't let the distance break the line.


Awesome dishes made by my parents :D I always said that my parents are the best cook ever!


Back to hometown, Nilai once in a year. Met my lovely cousins ( mother side ) and went for a movie, I love Hong Kong together at night. Love the chit chatting part since we don't really see each other for often.


Lou sang with my father's side relatives at my uncle new house :D


I don't know what's the name for this big bowl thingy. But I know it's quite expensive because of the ingredients, about RM300+ per bowl I guess?


The elders :D We're big big family!


The 'youngsters' part. Okay, we should call some of them as adults LOL! Spot where am I?


With my nerdy spectacles.


First day of CNY that spent with my friends :D Went K session with them at Da Zui Ba. Love to hang out with them recently, they're my companions for everyday now.



Thanks Xiao Ma for being the driver of the day :D


Another night with my family members at I-City.


Visited my secondary school friends' house on Sunday, Chu 7.


Preparation for Tian Gong Dan at Monday's night. We've more than 40 types of food, SHOCK? Well, we did it for every year.

Overall, that's how I spent my CNY holiday. How about yours? I would love to hear from you guys too if you don't mind to share with me. (: I want to hang out more with my friends now since my holiday is gonna end soon! ARGH! Can I have more holiday please? That's not enough for me. D: #GreedyMe

I love my daily routine now (:

Sunday, January 15, 2012


I'M BACK TO BLOGGING AGAIN! :D It's my very first posts for year 2012. My final is over and I'm finally in holiday now! HOLLA! I swear I gonna enjoy this holiday and make full use of it! DRAMAS, VARIETY SHOWS, SHOPPING, UPDATES, WORK... Lots of things to catch up. By the way, I'm really looking for part time jobs recently. Any weekend jobs? Now I know it's so tiring to raise my baby Iphone D:

Anyways, do you notice something different for my blog? I've changed my blog's layout finally. YAY! *Big claps to myself* Will it be a little bit fancy to match my blog? I hope it's not, I fall in love with it from the very first sight I saw it. I like the theme - How Sweet, cool right? Plus, I love desserts a lot, whenever I see it, I'll be totally cheered up and forgot all the things or matters that make me headache.

For people who is lazy, like me *Shame* you can seek your layouts or backgrounds from Leelou Blogs. I grabbed my layout from her blog too. There are a lot of different and cute thingy for you to choose. And, the most important that is it's FREE! Yesh! Seriously, feel so thankful for creating such a great blog that provided all these services. They do provide tutorials too. So, what are you waiting for? Go and take a look of it, if you agree with me, follow them too. :D


Will blog about my outings with friends soon (: