Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Earth Week

Do you know that actually empty beverage cartons can be recycled too? Well, I've no knowledge about this at all until I got a job for this event. Yeah, it's the earth week event organised by Tetra Pak at One Utama, Rainforest (Lower Ground) on last Friday till Sunday. Did anyone been there?

I've no idea why I will apply for this job, I guess I'm too desire to earn money. LOL! As you know, this is an event about recycle, it sounds boring isn't it? Some more, the booth is located at lower ground, at the rainforest there. NO AIR-COND at all! I started to sweat from morning till night for the 3 days. If you ask me whether I'm regret to get this job or not, I'll tell you, NO I'M NOT! Although it's a tiring job, but I get a lot of information about Tetra pak. At least I learn something new, and I realized that not many people will bother about this. It's actually a sad case. We should always support this kind of events to save our earth isn't it?

The empty beverage cartons. You guys can actually check the bottom of your beverage cartons/package drinks, for some of them you can find the Tetra Pak logo there.

The Tetra Pak logo :D

The free drinks :D The persons in charge are so nice, they let us drink it for free. Aww!

Too bad that the booth is located at Rainforest, all the smokers came out to smoke! Urgh! Non-stop inhaling the smokes for that 3 days. Sick of it!

Seriously, I've lots of fun with the working friends during the 3 days. It's quite boring for some times as nobody really want to bother us at all. ): What we have to promote is to ask the people to bring us one empty beverage cartoon and then they can have a chance to play the games and win the prizes. All the prizes are made by the beverage cartons which have been recycled. Or else, they can also provide us 10 empty beverage cartons and we will give them a free potted plant and package drinks. But as I know, not everyone will carry a package drink to shopping malls right? They can actually donate RM10 for the Save Belum, Temengor Forest and get a potted plant + package drinks too. It's actually very worth plus you get to dedicate to the earth.


New friend of mine :D She is the another promoter who is working with me for this event too :D


She is the one who in charge of carton craft, a shy girl :D Spot the scorpion on her hand? It's very cool right? Done by the pretty girl and mama who are in charge of face painting. :D

For Saturday and Sunday, we have another events which is totally free for kids which are carton crafts and face paiting. Eventhough we have stated it's only for kids, but some of the adults are being attracted by the face painting which their arts are really amazing. Despite that, we also allowed them to join the event for free too. Isn't it fun? Yeah, I've made myself a pretty butterfly on my hand too :D I love it so much, but too bad, it can't last long. ): Anyways, even the event is over for this location, if you want to know more about Tetra pak or how can you recycle the beverage cartons, you can actually refer to their website to get more information or contact them.


Carton craft session. 

Face painting session. There are quite many cute kidos participated in this session :D

The butterfly on my hand! :D Amazing right? Love it so much! :D

Guess I've to stop here, or else I might blog too much. LOL!!! And, sorry for the blur photos. :/

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