Tuesday, December 29, 2009

29 dec 09

24 dec

quite lazy to update my blog
so now only post it ><

christmas eve,
went out with my cousin
: 1U, ate dessserts at honeymon
: took bus to the curve, had a walk there
: at night, went desa park

christmas tree :)

watermelon + mango
( not so nice )




night at desa park

next year life will be busy ><

Saturday, December 19, 2009

19 - 22 dec 09

19 dec ( saturday )

tidied up my room with my sisters
* cause my room was too messy & dusty ><
we found many keychains, bear bear, ornaments and lots more
so we decided to pack it as a present
and give them to orphanage

* im a santa xD

i hope them can celebrate this christmas with a lots of happiness :)

20 dec ( sunday )

went pavilion cheong k with yanni
( well, i suggest u low yat's redbox better than pavilion )
after that went to see the artists of 桃花小妹
( actually i havent watch that drama yet so i dont know who came )

christmas' decoration at pavilion
小玉 ( the interviewer )
黄靖伦 ( 星光三班 )
left : 汪东城饰史朗
left (2) : 高以翔饰陈合
middle : 丁春诚饰陈转
right (2) : 蓝钧天饰陈承
right : 黄靖伦饰陈余一

22 dec ( tuesday )

nothing to say
just my relatives all came my house to celebrate 冬至
consider a big family day too?

know what is this?
算盘子 got hear before?
look like 'tong yun' 1
got white, pink, yellow & green colours

delicious right?
my dad & mummy cooked 1 :D
im so glad to be their daughter

meaningful days :)

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

16 dec 09

just a simply update here
cause i dont want my blog to grow dust ><

went jusco to buy some stuffs
and i bought this

i like the wallpaper too! snsd! <3

i still remember the first time i ate this biscuit was given by jwen
when she brought it to school
* thanks :)

im planning how to celebrate christmas this year
quite expect where to go and what to do

hey friends, how u all celebrate christmas this year?

Saturday, December 12, 2009

12 dec 09


i want 'cheer you up' de shirt!
but no money, cant buy it ><

Saturday, December 5, 2009

5 dec 2009

i cant sleep well for almost 1 week already!
i think i get insomnia :(
everyday just sleep for 2 hours only then need to wake up already
damn tired man!
i need more sleeping hours!

today went 1U with my 2 sisters
cause she want to buy gift for her boyfriend * lovely
i recommend her to buy couple rings at topaz
and she really bought it!
but it was nice, hope he like it! :D

after that went padini to have a look
i saw a dress :o
* seldom shop for dress, cause i never wear dress 1
it was nice
and thinking to buy it, so i checked the price
it cost RM119!
gosh! so expensive!
so i didn't buy it * sobs
just hope someone can buy for me
but i know is impossible!

had my lunch at bbq plaza
nice pork! xD
i still remember the last time i visited there was last year during w.shya's birthday
* it was a sad memory now

went home at 4something
i bought nothing, but i used to it already
nevermind! save money is more important for me now!

i need money!

Sunday, November 29, 2009

29 nov 2009

a day at sunway pyramid!

guess what?
i almost can't wake up!
i think my hp got problem already? [ hope not! ]
but luckily, i got the time to prepare =D

reached there at 11something
we had buffet at sunway resort!
RM50++ per person!
[ damn expensive! >< ]

lazy to blog so much
let's start to eat!

woots! desserts! my favourite ♥

yanni 1

mine * i like the strawberry 1!

us [ just ignore me ]

okays! next station!

we went for ice skatting down there
yanni was the first time to play it!
i tried my best not to let her falled
* she just falled 1 time only, consider good already!
we skated almost 3hours there!

well, i suggest u wear more thick de socks if u want to skate
if not ur leg will very pain!

some pictures!

which 1 is me/yanni?


after skatting

thanks for giving me such a wonderful day! :)