Sunday, July 24, 2011


Helllooo! I'm here again to update my blog since I don't want to make it rusty D: It's just a short update for my college life again :D

Yesshh!! Finally I had finished all my assignments and presentations for THIS SEMESTER! :DDD I know there's nothing for me to exhilarate for, cause I know it's still long way to go. More assignments & presentations are waving at me for coming semester. BUT..! I DON'T CARE! At least, I had completed all for this time, I should have cheer for myself since I really concentrated in all these works :D

Sincerely, I wanna thanks my group mates for all the cooperation. Although we will also faced some problems or argument sometimes, but it did not made us split up because of that. We still managed to complete our works. We might not be the best group, get the highest marks, as long as we tried, I think we're good enough (:

Oh yeah! We had a very unique birthday celebration for one my classmate, Ho Yan on Friday. Do you realise that we like to celebrate each other's birthday at college? Haha! It's fun though! You know what? We bought her 26 tins of HO YAN HOR. Yesh, her name is Ho Yan. HO YAN HOR is kind of herbal drink. Suit her right? LOL! By the way, all of us had a herbal drink party at Mr.Superam class again! *my english tutor*

Have you drink it before?

Tada, this is how its looked like! Ho Yan Ho! :D How creative are us! Hehehe!

Last presentation for this semester, at college hall yesterday! OMG! The hall was freaking cold, and made all of us shivering there! Plus, we were quite nervous that time, COLLEGE HALL what, it's normal for us to worry right? O: By the way, that's not my group.

Here's my group mates for Mass Com assignment. WAIT! I'M NOT IN THE PHOTO! D: * Sob* I sat too far, that's why I was not able to take photos with them. Actually all the photos were captured by Iphone. Not mine of course, it's from the guy with spec one *Left hand side*

With the buddies! :D OMG! I looked weird and hideous la! D:

Kept on taking photos in the hall when others were doing their presentation LOL!

GOSH! 2 GAY LOUS FROM OUR CLASS! HAHA! It's just for fun (: They are normal! LOL!

Gonna prepare and go back to my hometown! BYE! :D

Tuesday, July 19, 2011


BOOM! It's the post about ORIENTATION ODYSSEY NIGHT which held on last Saturday night at Tar College's hall. Well, I went there not only to see those lengluis and lengzais, another purpose of going there was to support my dearly friend, JO ANN LEONG! :D She is one of the finalist for OO Night 2011. *Big claps for her*

I think we had prepared almost half day just for attending the event. How ridiculous are us! Four of us, Stephany, Jia Yie, Huey Nee and I went to Pei Yee's house to do some make up. I just did some foundation to cover up the flaws on my face D: Too bad, I don't really have a flawless and fair skin due to not drinking a lot of water and stay up late until midnight also haven't off to bed. GOSH! I don't care, I gonna change these bad habits! I want a FAIR SKIN!!! Fine, I'm crapping again. TEHEE!

Headed to college after we did all the preparation. Thanks Pei Yee's mum for the kindly reception :D Your mum is so sweet lar, just like you! Haha! We weren't able to find a nice place cause we were LATE! But fortunately, the show hadn't start yet! We quickly found a place and sat down, AT THE BACK! D: Aww, soooooooo farrrrrrrr from the stage! Some more, those guys in front us were blocking our eyes sight lar! Apparently, they are too tall! We had no choice though.

The competition started at 6 something if I'm not mistaken. There were few judges which had been invited to judge for their performance, such as Dessiree, Jackson Chua and etc. Sorry for the incomplete information, I didn't get the booklet of the OO Night, so I can't able to blog in really details. Plus, I don't really remember the whole process and all the names LOL! I'm kind of short-term memory one. *Cough*

Just skip to the ending part, cheered for my friend while they were going to announce the winners for Orientation Odyssey Night. You know what? My friend got the 2nd runner up! *SCREAM!!!!!* Awww, she really deserve to get prize la! :D Congratulation to her! You did a great job girl! :DDD Actually she didn't know that we will attend the event since we lied on her that we chose to go Bon Odori instead of going OO Night. She really believed in what we said. What a surprise for her. She was shocked while she saw us after the competition. Able to take some photos with the beauty Jo Ann at last (:

We were actually hungry to the max during that moment. Went back to Kepong, Umami for having our dinner? Or should I call it as supper? D: Back home after we finished our dinner + supper. On the next day, again, four of us headed to One Utama for no reason? Hmmm, actually is because of bringing Huey Nee to walk around at Kepong area since she seldom comes here. Had our breakfast at Xian Ding Wei and snowflake as the dessert in the afternoon. Of course, we had girls talk in all days long :D Enjoy sharing and talking with each other, I really have a great time while spending my free time with them (:

The cutie, Pei Yee :D

Stephany. I love the way she smiles a lot, so sweet!

The OO's girl, Ms. Jo Ann Leong :D

The girls, all look so pretty that night :D

With my secondary school classmates :D

We had nothing to do other than camwhore O:

Started to camwhore!

F5, gues who is this?

With Jo Ann :DDD She looks pretty right!

At the restaurant, Xian Ding Wei

Do you believe that this is the only 2nd time that I eat snowflake? LOL!

If you want to view more photos for Orientation Odyssey Night, you can click these links, King King Tan and Lewis Jay. You can see all the finalists there (:

Last assignment to go for this semester! :D YESHH!!!

Saturday, July 9, 2011


GOOD NEWS! Guess what is it? *Tada* I bought my baby, LX5 finally! :D Woots! I'm sooo happy that finally I owned a camera which bought by myself. Yesh! Using my own money! No cheating at all, although I'm quite heartache due to the losing of my money by so sudden ): Yet, I like the camera, so I think it's quite worth to buy it :D Money can earn back right?

There are too many things and stories to blog with, so I decided to upload the photos and let the photos do the speaking. I hope you guys don't mind it cause I'm not able to blog it till very details. Practically, this is a photos' post. Enjoy (:

Leonard's birthday celebration

Before the birthday celebration, actually we were having mass com's test on the same day. Doing revision in the car. But ended up with camwhoring all the time D:

Studying..? NOOO! Just act!

The gorgeous! :D

They really enjoy taking photos all the time.

Taddaa!! Is the birthday boy, Leonard! We bought a cake for him. He looks like a children with a bright smile in this photo! :D

The girls with the beloved English tutor, Mr.Superam! :D

The gentlemen

Do you spot the OO's girl? Yesh, the one who wore pink colour T!

Awww, strawberries!!!

Ohhh, finally I'm in the photo! I'm the camera-girl for all the time, so you aren't able to see me in the photos.

You can see family love in the picture right? So lovely :D

With the OO's girl, Jo Ann. Aww, she is so pretty, skinny and tall lar! Jealous! D:

So cute isn't it? ' O ' shape post!

They said they are in the short team. SMILE! :D

The tall, skinny and pretty team! WOOTS!


They said wanna 'photoshoot' at the field. So, let's do it! Do you feel the green?

Personally like to capture portrait's style of photos :D They have nice long legs right? All photos here are without editorial at all.

What a sweet smile they have :D Look so harmony! I like the feel from this photo (:

Random college life, me likey

During the IT's presentation, IPHONE by my classmates

They had their E-media's presentation on the same day too. Good job girls!

Wow, smart look!

With the handsome one, Cm lee, one of the Progression's member. Please support them (:

Had a chilling session with my girls, Stephany & JiaYie at PAOBING which located at Metro Prima, Kepong. Yesh, from the photo, you can see how delicious it is! Aww, it just cost RM10.90 per bowl. Worth the price! Actually you can share with 2 of your friends with ONLY 1 bowl, it's really big size! Trust me! Oh yeah, it is chocolate + mint flavor. *Drooling*

Strawberry + Dont know what flavor. LOL! But it's tasty!

The girls. We had a heart-to-heart talk on that day. Aww, I enjoy chit-chatting with my friends :D

DOMO! So cute right? :D It's actually my friend's pencil case.

During the Mass Communication's lectures.

Yeshh! I'm here again with Huey Nee! :D Was doing revision for English test.

HERE SHE IS! MY BABY! LX5! *hugss* Aww, she looks beautiful right? :D I chose black in colour. Will capture more and more photos using my baby, stay tuned to my blog! (:

Check out my album for more photos :D