Saturday, November 12, 2011


Is time to blog again! :D Actually I'm doing revision for Mass Media & Society. In the half way, my mind is stuck when I can't find the chapter that I want to study in the text book. GRRR!!! Sometimes, the notes given are just so different with text books. It's really confusing! So, I choose to blog instead of reading LOL! *Grin*

Basically, I bet you guys will be familiar with the venue that I went to recently. YESH! It's no other than ONE UTAMA. Why I always choose to go there? Actually, it's because the shopping centre is just nearby and we can drive there since they have their license already. *I still haven't get mine, cause I haven't go for undang yet D: Shame on myself ):*

Planned for celebrating the two buddies' birthday on that day since they are the November's babies :D Went for a karaoke session at Neway on the public holiday. *7 of November* What had surprised me was, the charges for public session was out of my expectation. Each of us only need to pay RM15+ for student price from 1p.m to 4p.m. It's quite cheap right? Yeah! I enjoy having karaoke session at Neway for recently :D Thumb up for Neway's offer!


Before the Neway session, we went for a morning tea at Paddington which is famous of pancakes :D YEAH! Their pancakes are delectable!


Do you want to try it? :D


This fella is being addicted to my camera LOL! She kept on playing and exploring my baby camera. But the truth is, I don't even explore it before although I bought it for few months already D: *Shame on myself again ):* -YongXin


One of the November baby, pretty girl! (; -Shya

We finished the desserts in a very fast speed cause we had to rush for the karaoke session. I only realized that we kept on eating for non-stop for the whole day. Seriously, I never feel that full before. Basically, it's considered as a small gathering for us. It's has been a long time we didn't meet up already. I miss them gossiping with them a lot!


Salad, I love! :D


Another pretty girl (; - Cindy


The November baby - Yvone


Random stuff?

Camwhore! We made a lot of crazy poses actually LOL!


Don't you feel that the atmosphere is familiar? YESH! It's XIAN DING WEI again ._.


Candid shot of me (;

By the way, I'm still on the way to explore my baby Iphone. Seriously, I don't really know how to use it LOL! How noob am I D: I just downloaded the SNSD's photobook :D And I love it since I didn't buy the real one yet I still can view the photos on my phone :D


They are so lovely isn't it? :D

AeB03LKCMAA3Vpz.jpg large

MY LOCK SCREEN! YOONA! *SCREAM* She's so gorgeous!

That's all for today! Actually I used few hours to complete this post cause something happen to my picasa and I have to use flickr to upload my photos now D: See ya! (;

Saturday, November 5, 2011


*Cleaning dust* I don't really wish to start my post with this condition again D: But too bad, once again I abandon my blog for 2 weeks. OMG! Please forgive me, I'm not a good owner of my bloggie ): I left it blank for such a long time, feel so sorry for it. Have been busy for assignments for recently, plus I don't really have topics to blog about. Well, I will really try to blog once per week. HEHE!


Had a simple birthday celebration with my mum at ONE UTAMA. They haven't been there before at all, not even one time O: And that's why, we decided to bring them to have a family dinner at there. As usual, we chose XIAN DING WEI to dine in. Seriously, the restaurant has the best service and chinese food I have tried for so far. Guys, if you haven't try it out, GO AND HAVE A TRY! You will never regret at all :D

With my family members :D My daddy looks cute right?

Guess who is this? She's my sister. YESH! AN ELDER ONE! .___.
But everyone told me she looks like my younger sister. SIGH! I have a mature face I know D:

I wish to have this heel badly!!! Simple and nice!


Attended my high school gathering at D'FORTUNE that night. Such a long long time didn't meet up with my old friends. They are still so friendly for me :D My class teacher, Pn.Cheong did attend the gathering too!!! She's the cutest teacher I ever seen for seriously. Do you ever hear that teacher will post the results on facebook? YESH, SHE DID IT! She posted our addmath's results at Facebook every time after exam. LOL! This is ridiculous right? Can't deny that she's a modern teacher. Too bad, didn't get to take photos with them ): I didn't bring my camera on that day. AWWW!!! *Slap myself*

The first time that I faced the right direction when comes to picture like this LOL!

The pretty girls :D

I miss high school life badly ): How I wish that I can go back to high school again, fooling around with the buddies, sleeping in the class when teacher are teaching, have lunch with friends at canteen, stay back for gossiping and so on. THE BEST MEMORIES EVER! Now only I realize I love my high school life, never think of it when I was at the age.

Apologize for the late updates. All of these were happened for a period already, but now I only blog about it D:

LAST! Camwhore by myself.

I WANT TO BE SLIM AND HAVE A FAIR SKIN BADLY! ): But, how to make it? Isshh, the pimples can't stop popping on my face D: I HATE IT!