Tuesday, April 28, 2009

28 april 2009

i hav to be more brave!!!
i realli dunno y im so timid..
aih.. dissapointed to myself..
y i cant as brave as my frenz..
do watever they wan to do...
but i cannot...
maybe i nid some time...
i hope someday i can be mroe brave like them..

Sunday, April 26, 2009

26 april 2009

yesterday go shopping wif my sis..
when v reach ktm...
i was shock!!! i saw jwen+kuik them..
xD then i ask them where they go..
they say they go chao kit to buy smth..
n d ktm was crowded!!!
when d train cum... there was so many ppl inside..
totally cant go in!!!
but my eldest sis was so lucky...
in between us.. she is d one hu go in oni..
n my sis n i were left behind..
so cham!!!! but no choice..
v hav to wait for d 2nd train..

when reach midvalley, v go for shopping~
n wait for my sis's frenz to cum..
after tat... v hav our lunch at vietnam restaurant..
d CODO [ 古都 ]
i like d way they cook!! veli nice.. xD
i enjoyed d food so much...
becoz my sis will pay for me..
thx so much.. haha..

after having lunch...
v go watch movie.. [ make it happen ]
if im 18.. so gud... can go watch ghost movie..
but im not.. so hav to choose tis movie lor..
but luckly... tis movie was nice...
talking abt dance 1... like it...

im so happy.. nid to thx for my sis..
for giving me such a happy day..
afternoon will go swimming again...
im so burglar!!!!
cant wait for it.. heheee

Friday, April 24, 2009

24 april 2009

nth special today..
after recess go dewan to practise singing..
then when add math period..
teacher giv us function d exercise to do..
OMG!!! hard!!!!!!
dunno how to do.. sei lor!!!!
i aso dunno how to face d mid year exam ald..
ohya.. 2molo shumeen will go n take part in d young爆全城 singing competition..
hope she can paz d 1st round!!!
add oil!! i will always support u!!!!
heeehee xD

推荐歌 [ 王力宏-春雨里洗过的太阳 ]

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

21 april 2009

sunday 19/4/09
go swimming wif my sisters..
but dunno how to swim pula..
so call sister to teach me...
X_X drink a lot of dirty water tat day!!!
but finally...
i noe ald... xD so happy!!!
n swim till dunwan to go back..

monday 20/4/09
go cheong k wif my bez frenz - shya at low yat
yong xin fong fei gei again... aihh
her parents not allowed... wat to do??
at kepong ktm, v meet wenyi them...
they aso going d same place tat v go..
but they go box)cheong k~

v sing from 11-3
v supposed to end at 2 but nobody cum n call us out..
so v continue singing.. xD
but 2 ppl sing 4 hours...
dy-ing!!! veli tired lehhh!!!

after tat v go food&tea to eat sai mai lou..
^^V shuang!!!
although juz 2 ppl.. but i aso hav fun tat day..
red bean sai mai lou~
n at laz
wanna wish kah chuah n k.sze guan happy buftday!!

Saturday, April 18, 2009

18 april 2009

yahoo!!! today no skol...
can sleep till 10smth.. heheeee..
today my father's call us ordered pizza to eat!!!!
yeah!!!!! so shuang!!!!
long time din eat pizza ald!!!
hawaiian favourite...

omg!!! our bm teacher call us to read all d bukit kepong..
n tuesday she will check it..
how to finish all in 3days oohhh....
aih... how??!!!!!

Sunday, April 12, 2009

12 april 2009

open new blog..
next time i will post blog at here..
tat wretch still got use..
( for my china frenz )
tis time i promise i will update my blog 1..
hehe xD

yesterday went for my grandmother's birthday party..
(actually cant say party lar, go restaurent eat lo)
aa!!! 1st time wear dress go..
dun kira skol uniform lar.. i seldom wear dress 1..
aih.. my 2 sis paksa me, i hav no choice..
urgh!! so weird!!!
but aso muz follow =__=
all my relatives cum... long time no c them..
quite gam gai =X
while eating... v aso sing K~~
haha.. enjoying..
1 of my biao ge... his singing skill veli gud!!!
so xin mou!!!!
d celebration until 9smth oni..
then back home..
d time paz so faz... aih
duno nid wait till when oni can have gathering wif them like tat..
1 year 1 time... too bad...