Saturday, February 25, 2012


How I wish that I won't start my new post with the same line again. BUT, I fail to do so again cause I've quite a long time never update my blog again. It seems that I'm getting lazier already ): No matter is to update my blog or my studies, I'm so lazy to do all the assignments and study for midterm now. #SlapMyself

Well, this is just a short update to clear the dust of my blog. This week is the 3rd week of this short semester which means 4 more weeks to go before final exam. TIME PASSES, everything is happened in a blink of eyes. I still can't believe that I has been entered to college for almost a year and I'm 19 now! OMG! I miss my high school life a lot. ): Anyhow, we still have to adapt to the new environment.

recently love to spend my free time with them :D

 Simply love this photo (;

Life is full of challanges. Don't stress yourself but try to face them and change it to motivation. (:


Friday, February 3, 2012


You know what? I've changed my blog's layout again. LOL!!! Seems so lifeless? Actually I'm seeking for the suitable one to match my blog. And now I found this! :D Simple and nice right? Okay, for your information, I'm still in holiday now. Semester break for 3 weeks since the week before Chinese New Year. Next Wednesday I gonna back to college life again. #Unwillingly

Let's talk about how I spent my Chinese New Year then. Sorry for procrastinating to update my blog, you know I'm always being the lazy one. #Shame Basically, I spent my whole week of CNY with my family and relatives. WHY? Because I know we don't really meet our relatives often while compare to friends. We should maintain the relationship with each other and don't let the distance break the line.


Awesome dishes made by my parents :D I always said that my parents are the best cook ever!


Back to hometown, Nilai once in a year. Met my lovely cousins ( mother side ) and went for a movie, I love Hong Kong together at night. Love the chit chatting part since we don't really see each other for often.


Lou sang with my father's side relatives at my uncle new house :D


I don't know what's the name for this big bowl thingy. But I know it's quite expensive because of the ingredients, about RM300+ per bowl I guess?


The elders :D We're big big family!


The 'youngsters' part. Okay, we should call some of them as adults LOL! Spot where am I?


With my nerdy spectacles.


First day of CNY that spent with my friends :D Went K session with them at Da Zui Ba. Love to hang out with them recently, they're my companions for everyday now.



Thanks Xiao Ma for being the driver of the day :D


Another night with my family members at I-City.


Visited my secondary school friends' house on Sunday, Chu 7.


Preparation for Tian Gong Dan at Monday's night. We've more than 40 types of food, SHOCK? Well, we did it for every year.

Overall, that's how I spent my CNY holiday. How about yours? I would love to hear from you guys too if you don't mind to share with me. (: I want to hang out more with my friends now since my holiday is gonna end soon! ARGH! Can I have more holiday please? That's not enough for me. D: #GreedyMe

I love my daily routine now (: