Thursday, December 30, 2010


Oh yeah! I waited and waited and waited, finally I got to skate at Sunway Pyramid yesterday. We started planning the trip when spm was still in processing. * We can't wait to be set-free LOL! From Sunway Lagoon to Genting, at last we made our decision to Sunway Pyramid. 1 day trip, because all of us were lack of money already :/ Can't afford to spend more.

At first, there were quite a lot of them wanted to join the trip. But who knows, at last they counldn't make it due to some reasons. :/ Quite sad. Nevermind, we can still make it next time. WAIT ME back from ns first LOL! So, at last 6 of us went ice-skating liked what we planned. 4 boys 2 girls, I thought it will be weird cause I seldom talk to momo ( one of the girl ) at class. But, we ended up with non-stop chatting. :P It is really comfortable to chat with her :D We did have fun yesterday. By the way, they are really funny. Kept made us laugh all the times. I really enjoyed to go out with them.

Quite blurr :O

With the pretty girl, momo She is skinny and know how to dress up well. What a cute girl she is :D

Momo, let's chat more next time :D

Hmm, we tried to squeeze all in a photo. LOL! This is the work that we tried for xxx times. Still okay right? xD

At last, we decided to find someone to help us took a proper 1. LOL!

Hey people! Let's skate again next time, make a deal, okay? :D

Tuesday, December 28, 2010


Wedding lunch? Well, let me explain why. Because the ' wedding dinner ' was held during lunch time, so I called it as wedding lunch.

Last Sunday, 26 of december, was my cousin's wedding. Woke up 7a.m in the morning to prepare. Reached there by 9something. Quite far wasn't it? We just stayed outside and chit-chat with relatives while they were doing the ceremony cause inside there was very smoky.

My cousin ( the bridegroom ) and the bride. Well I realise nowadays the bride is always small size 1.

cousin with my sister

her children. cute isn't it?

sister & cousie

We went to the restaurant right after the ceremony ended. Pretty fast right? Yea, because the restaurant that they booked was at afternoon. Others book the night session. So they have no choice. We reached the restaurant by 11a.m, I think so? But the lunch started at 1.30pm. So we just walked here and there to take pictures with our relatives until the ceremony started. As I said, the manager there gonna rush and prepare for the next session, so the 'wedding lunch' ended at 2.30pm. Well, the very first time I attended a dinner that ended in 1 hour. Wow :O

Billy and Elaine :)

cousie & sister

cousie and me :) * my blue colour nails :D

The wedding photo album. Seriously, I forgot to look at it :/ Once we walked in, we just found our places and sat down. LOL!

Sign :D

my brother

the bridegroom sang a song for the bride, how sweet :D

My cousin. Member of Ruffnecks. Sound familiar? Top 7 of battleground. Well, he is really good in singing. He is really talented :)

Took photo with the bridegroom. Well, I can tell you I seldom meet my relatives of mummy's side. I do hope that we can meet each other often next time :)

us :)

Let's shout, yammmm sinnnnggg!! :D

Ended. Well, I really lazy to describe all the process. Photos can tell you the story isn't it? :D Tomorrow gonna go ice-skating with my classmates! Can't wait for it. Will blog it when I come back :)

Countdown: 4 days more

Saturday, December 25, 2010


Afternoon fellas! :D Today is CHRISTMAS! How are you going to celebrate it? Party? Or dating with your girlfriends or boyfriends? Well, I know many people are looking forward to this festival, like the decoration things, celebrating, presents exchange and lots more. For me, Christmas is just like a day to reunion with family or friends. It is so warm to celebrate this festival together :D Btw, my family seldom celebrate christmas, so I will only celebrate with my friends.

Okays, let's talk about CHRISTMAS EVE. Yesterday I went 1u again with one of my buddy, woei shya :) I got really long time didn't hang out with her since this year is SPM YEAR. Both of us took the bus at jusco, U86. For your information, we were like having a tour on the way to 1u. Cause it really took lots of time to reach there, almost half and hour? If by your own car, it only takes 15 minutes to reach there. Cool right?

Fine. We had our breakfast & lunch at PADDINGTON. Yesshh! Finally I got to try paddington's food since I always saw my friends putting those delicious dessert's picture at their blog. I really want to try it so much! :D * Because I like to eat desserts so much. Both of us ordered different food so that we can try each other one.

Cappucino ordered by my friend. Looks attractive right?

Chocolate with mashmallow ordered by me :)

My wife :D She looks awesome.


Her pancake. I'm not sure what's the ingredients there. Green and red apples?

My ordered. This is really delicious! Especially the ice-cream! * yummy!

After that, we just walked around the whole building. We got nothing to buy since we dont have money :( We rather spending our money on food more than shopping LOL! Non-stop walking around until our legs were pain :/ We had iceberg at restaurant wong kok. Of course we had girls talk and photo sessions that time :)

Lychee's favourite

Actually for our dinner, we planed to have stick at chillis. But the line up was really long!!! :O So, we just walked away and have our dinner at chinese restaurant, xian ding wei. Kinda sad cause I really want to eat stick during christmas eve :/ If you got read my blog often, you can see I always eat at this restaurant cause their food are really delicious!

Fish & eggs with tomato sauce :D


We went back with bus also. We waited at outside for 1 hour+ and finally we saw U86. Goshh! My time wasted for waiting the bus :/ I joined my other friends for bbq until 1a.m only back home. First time celebrated christmas eve like this. I do hope that it will be more fun afterall :)


Thursday, December 23, 2010


First outing after spm ended. Finally, get to sing K after few months didn't touch the mic :D As usual, four of us. Nothing much to blog. After K-time, dinner at 香港粥面家. And back home. A simple outing, but i like it :) Always thanks yanni's kaima for bringing us out and treat us everythings :D

nice porridge!! must have a try at there :D

honeydew juice :D my favourite

yanni's kaima

we call her as yi jie

yanni :)


chocolate spoon that presented by her kaima at chocholate stall.

This is white chocolate :D

tomorrow is christmas eve! how you all going to celebrate it?

Imma going to go 1u again with my friend LOL!