Sunday, April 24, 2011


SAY HI TO THE WORLD! I'm back to blogging again. So sorry that I didn't update for almost 1 month already. At my last post, I promised that I will update for the 2nd part of my penang post. But I didnt do that at last ): A big appologize for those who view my blog. I dont know why my computer got so many problems, or maybe the browser problems? Everytime I can't view people's blog and can't even see the pictures. All with 'X' buttons. That's annoying! It makes me lost the mood to blog recently. I still can't find the solution to solve this problem.

Well, 1 week left for me to enjoy my holiday. College life is waiting for me soon. Seriously I'm afraid. I scare I can't study well, I'm afraid of doing assignments & presentations, I scare I can't maintain my results and they will cut off my merit scholarships ): A lot of things make me feel uneasy. I have received the offer letter to study mass com, public relation at tar college. I know that this course need to do a lot of presentations and more focus on communication. ISHH, I gonna improve my language no matter is eng or other languages. I have to be brave, no more stage phobia. Well, this is really tough for me. Hahaaa. I like this course, that's the reason why I chose it. I will work hard for that! :D Be confident? I need some ways to do better, any methods or instructions?

Oh yeahh! Im doing research for some touch screen phones. Why? Because I plan to change my hp. Any suggestions? I need your help. Iphone is too expensive for me, I can't afford. How's about Sony Ericsson's touch phone? Xperia, Vivaz, Satio, Aino...? Which 1 better? Tell me your opinions, okay? Thanks! (: