Saturday, September 25, 2010


Yup, finally, I blog about my cousin's actual wedding day. It was last Saturday ( 18 September 2010 ). Woke up early in the morning to prepare everything * bath & make up. Do you know how early? 5a.m! Even more earlier than the time normally I wake up during school days. Well, I just slept 1 hour that day .__. And my panda eyes were so DEEP! Ishh! Cant even cover it lol. After all, went to the bride's house with a car that squeezed 7 of us. LOL! Macam sadin XD

Preparing: My brother took this and I didn't realised at all --

The bride :) So cute!

Her smile was so sweet that day :D

Menu of the day & the love oath

I think you guys can guess what are these right? Yup, these are the materials for the games :D

Round 1: Inside the bowl got many colour of sweets & baby powder. Blow the baby powder until you can see the sweets. 9 red in colour sweets are needed.

Round 2: Veet! Do you know what is this? This is something like sticker to cabut the hair on your legs. LOL! This is really pain xD

Round 3: Eat the steamed buns that we prepared. There are 9 steamed buns. 2 people have to eat the bun together without using their hands.

Round 4: Transfer the oil-absorbing sheets ( replace seaweed ) with your mouth.

Round 5: Eat the desserts that we prepared. Yup, the second picture that 1, something that look like shit. Disgusting? LOL! Actually it made up of bananas + chocolate, quite delicious.

Round 6: Drinks. Drink all the drinks that we prepared. Got chili flavour, honey flavour, lemon flavour and balsam pear flavour with answering all the questions that related to the bride.

Actually all of these are quite easy right? Because can't involve any physical games & they gonna drive a long distance to the bridegroom's house, so we can't play too high :X

Their hair became white in colour LOL!

Angpau angpau mari :DDD

Finally, he got his wife after bunch of games xD

The 'sisters' with the bride :D

The bridegroom's car

After that, all the 'sisters' followed them to the bridegroom's house. A long long journey, 2 hours to Sekinchan. Took a nap in the car :) My cousin prepared a house for all of us to take a rest and bath. How nice is she :D Until 4p.m, started to prepare again for the dinner at night. Did the same thing, bath and make up. Well, make up really need to use a lot of time .__.

The bridegroom's room

The albums. You can see the photos from here.

The restaurant at Sekinchan.

The gifts for this time, sweets :D

The wreaths that we wore.

Photo time!

The 'sisters'

Task: Hug tight and drink the wine LOL!

I can see happiness from their smile :)


What were we doing? Yea, accompanied one of the cousin ( the center 1 ) to sing a song for them :D First time did this :X

Dinner ended at 9something. Fast right? Yea, cause Sekinchin not a city, so they started the dinner very early and ended it very early too. But this was good for us, because we gonna back home using 2 hours. So arrived home at 11something. What a tired day. But at least I enjoyed :)

With the pretty cousin ( Ignore me please )

Okays, this is the whole set. ( Again, ignore my retarded face ) Do you realise some of us were wearing the same dress? Yup, cousin bought it for us ( the 'sisters' ). Thank you cousin! :D

At last, I wanna wish them happy wedding. And 表姐夫 ( the bridegroom ) , remember to treat my 表姐 ( bride ) well yaa!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Hey peeps! Sorry for dumping my blog again this few days, as I say, I have attended my cousin's actual wedding day last Saturday. When I get all the photos, I will blog about it. So, stay tuned again for my next post ya! ;D

Okays, back to the topic. I will have my form5 trial exam ( chinese paper ) start from tomorrow. So, my blog may be in half-dead situation during this few weeks :X No choice, I have to study for trial, although I know I won't get good results for this time :( But, I'll try to update when I got free time.

Last, I wish all the Form5 friends, all the best for the trial exam. Remember, try your best to write down all the answers, don't let it blank. Today is the mid-autumn festival. How sad, celebrate the festival one day before trial LOL! Anyway, I'm here to wish everyone HAPPY MOONCAKE FESTIVAL! :D Enjoy your day with mooncakes.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010


Okay, today is the 11th day of my school holiday already.
Well, time passes without looking back.
3 days more before school start :X
I have to say that I spent a lot of time on computer.
I didn't do any revision at all although I know trial exam is coming soon.
I wonder what am I doing this 2 weeks?!
I try to ask myself to study, but everytime also fail.
I'm disappointed to myself :(
Didn't use the time wisely.
I do feel guilty too.
But how can I memorise all the subjects in 1 week?
It is tough :(
I wish someone can hit me and tell me before I realise all these.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Well, as I said, I'll blog about the wedding dinner that I attended last night. Yup, yesterday ( 11th September 2010 ) was my cousin's wedding dinner * girl side at Mahligai Vegetarian Restaurant. This is the very first time that I ate vegetarian during a wedding dinner.

My sisters and I went there ealier to help the cousins arranged all the things. I was in-charged to bring the guests to their seat. Actually that time I was wearing a 3.5 inch high heels, I realised the pain of both of my legs after the wedding dinner :X The dinner started at 8.30 p.m after all the guests arrived.

The restaurant - Mahligai Vegetarian Restaurant

The marriage of Ms. Yang Siew Lily with Mr. Hon Weng Keong

The design of the restaurant

Yup, they are the ' zhu chang'

The bride & the bridegroom

The menu, all these are vegetarian

Actually I missed 1 dish, cause that time I went out to toilet LOL! Overall, quite nice actually. Not bad not bad :D

The gifts that they gave us. Guess what's inside?

Yessss! This is something like a pin? LOL! Actually I also not sure what is it :X Hahahaaa! I know you all will guess that there are chocolates inside. Noooo! Your answer is wrong X)

This is my sister :)

My eldest sister & her boyfriend :D

* Credits him for fetching there and back too

Red wine! But I didn't drink x) Not because I scare mabuk. My face will become super redish if I drink :O

This is me :) Oh yeah, I was holding a DSLR * my sister's boyfriend 1 OMG! I wish to have 1 too.

I like this 1!!! I set it as my facebook's profile picture LOL!

Okay, 1 more. This time didn't cover my face xD Yup, I didn't make up :D

Both of my sisters :D

With my mummy

The same age cousin. Well, both of us look a bit awkward? Nooo, actually both of us also dont know how to smile with teeth :x

The family :D

Here are some of the 'sisters' with the bride

Well, the real wedding day is the coming Saturday. Will capture more photos, I promise :)