Wednesday, June 30, 2010

30 june 2010

is all about 626 :)
due to my lazyness, now only i update my blog
* sorry guys!
carnival day
i only spent RM15 to buy the food
compare to last year, this year had less stall
* how sad :(

with huiching, xuxu & p.mun
i lloked so dark compare with them
with my sailou
* thanks for the card, it was really nice

after that, went dpc for our birthday celebration

swei :)

swing :)
unfortunately she gonna went back earlier
* sad :(
nvm, next time v can go out again x)


jwen :)
busy captured photos LOL!

shumeen :)
the birthday girl

kahchuah :)
the funniest 1
without her, v wont laugh till so happy

guess who is this?

how about this?

we were ready to fly the kite xD

nice post shumeen!

run ah!!!!!!
that's what kahchuah always say LOL!

try to fly the kite as high as i can xD
* jwen aaa, why snapped my silly face .___.

went back home by 6something
prepared to go out again for night celebration
they thought i dont know
but actually i know LOL!
girls talk
woei shya



me with the cake

after that went paobing until 12a.m only went back

what a busy day but i did enjoyed it a lot!
i liked the celebration for this year the most
thanks all my friends & buddies for the wishes & celebration

presents that i received

birthday cards

my cake that i bought myself xD

chocolate indulgence

next post : volleyball!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

24 june 2010

oh! so sorry i didnt update my blog recently :x
due to some problemssss
* well, i always face the same problem and now is still the same

just a small update about gathering which held last sat
( 19/6 ) which also my sister's birthday celebration
felt so sorry to her cause i must attend the gathering
* cause im the organizer
i gave her a bracellet that i bought from the curve with yanni

she said she likes it so much
* oh! bless, cause i found the right thing! xD

back to the topic..
well, i had told all of them about the gathering
but just got 11 of them came
fine, luckily v got something to chat * not bad what! xD
so wont be any silent mood there LOL!
quite enjoyed the gathering
i hope next gathering will be more fun!
and...! please! attend the gathering larr!!!

all of us :)

Thursday, June 17, 2010

17 june 2010

16 june

went to school at 7.30a.m for volleyball practise
* i waited at there almost 1 hour
finally, kahchuah & jwen reached
know what?
just 3 of us managed to attend the practise
* others cant make it due to their own reason

well, v planned to practise at least 30minits
*like that only consider got practise mahh
then jwen suggested to go my house
* she wanna online LOL!
v bought some snacks at fok san
cause they suggested to watch movie at my house
at last, failed to do so xD
cause kahchuah dont want watch horror movie with us
busy watching vampires diary
she won the tickets for world stage
* jealous larr!!! ):
busy blogging
and watched guai tam with me LOL!
* not exciting at all
v just stared at the comp
cause the girls kept scream for no reason

after they went back
i just kept wait for the chance to win the passes
*yes, until now im still waiting
i know that is hopeless
i dont have that luck
* i want to see the wonder girls la :(
just hope others who can win the ticket
give me 1 please xD

do u notice that i had change my blog layout?
haha, cause i saw many ppl changed it
* cause the blogger had new setting :)
so i decided to change it too
i like my layout :D
it is simple and nice

actually i enjoy viewing ppl's blog a lot
but due to some reasons
i got no mood to do so
i cant see those pic which posted by them
all just xxxxxxxxxx
i want to fix this computer so much!
i think im going to reformat the comp soon
if not i will let it gek sei :x
i want to win the passes :(

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

15 june 2010

summary for sunday

day out with yanni to the curve

- as usual, cheong k
( but v enjoyed! ;D )
- shop for presents
( gosh! spent a lot of money to buy presents :x po chan liao )
- chatted with her * secrets! LOL!
- window shopping for clothes?
( cause no money to buy it )

photo session:

Sunday, June 13, 2010

well, as i said
sinpeng & sher nis came my house to do addmath project
almost finished, now just left some part that we dont know 1
( the library 1 :x
need to know the width, height & length of school library )
sien lo ==

sher nis


at night,
went out for dinner with my buddies
( w.shya,, yvone, x.ying & h.shan )
long time didnt go out with them already
i think the last time v went out together was jan? :x

just let the pic told u the story
cause im quite lazy to write out all LOL!
steambot at fok yun

waiting to eat, im hungry already!

the one who always let us bully xD
or should say we make fun of her? LOL
cause she is too easily to fool


the funny 1, keep laugh xD

woei shya

the prawn? lol, but she didnt eat sea food 1

* except crab la

the one who keep talk, non-stop xD

atmosphere creator

* dont want let me take her pic X)
the one who like to eat vegetable

pui mun

the one who keep curi-curi snap people's photo

and like to zat yongxin xD

while waiting haishan to come out from toilet
we were preparing surprise for her

tiramisu cake

saw the cake, shocked?

make a wish, birthday girl :)

hehe, ready to eat it xD

after that, we went to jusco

cause they wanna watch movie ( the karate kid )

but i cant join them cause no ticket already

and my mum sure wont let me watch till so late 1

* the movie 11.30pm only start

i went home after that

3 of us :)
* long time didnt take pic together already

outing with yenny tomorrow yay!