Monday, April 26, 2010

26 april 2010

im going to blog about yesterday event - IR night
what stand for IR?
international relationship?
* perhaps im right ;)
this event was organised by kb's leo club

25 april 2010

everyone was busy prepared for ir
i only back from lunch with my sisters at 2something
and still managed to online after that
* cause waited for my turn to bath
started to prepare after finished bath
when i realised it was 4 o'clock already
my face started to turn red * mad!

at last, finished the whole things and moved to school at 4.30p.m
fortunately, the bus still there
BUT! there were no place for us
cause, all was fulled!
so we waited and waited and waited
until 5.30 ( if im not wrong ) only get into the bus @@

during that time, i was so moody
i rushed and sweat started from the beginning
just imagine u wear a dress and sweat a lot
do u still got the mood for any party or event?
i think no right?
yeaaaa, so am i :(
* angry that im so easily sweat

okay, back to topic
actually all the performance was so damn nice!
like dancer from tren, V, beatbox from jia chye,
1990, chen dickson's band and so on
good job to all the performers
especially my buddy

dance group - swing, woei shya, eugene, swei & joey
band - PARADISE! swing, jwen, shumeen, kah chuah, christine

shout out loud for them! woots =D

and! congrates for the sweet-est couple
- bryan & lingling :D
the gorgeous and the handsome on the stage
they got the 1st for the best outfit?
( not really remember actually )
whatever lar xD

secocok :D

err, not really statisfied with food? and the seat?

i didnt eat, so i dont know

forgive it

cause this ir was organised for the donation to the orhpan?
or someone not lucky 1
i mean orang kurang upaya
* for the sevice of mankind xD

well, i almost pok gai inside the hall ==
cause the stupid oily floor!
the 3 inch heels really make me suffered
my leg was so painful
cause kept standing in front there to shout LOL!
and i also found a same dress girl with me O.O
i dont mind
cause i understand that we were bought from shopping centre
perhaps she didnt mind also

i did enjoyed today :)
hope u guys too

sorry, no pic for ir night =[

Tuesday, April 20, 2010


just a simple update here
suddenly feel like want to share this with u all :)

达到这七条, 你已经爱上这个人了!!!

1. 当你正在忙时, 却把手机开著, 等著她/他的短信..

2. 如果你喜欢和她/他两个人单独漫步..

3. 当你和她/他在一起时, 你会假装不注意他, 但是当她离/他开你的视线时, 你会急著寻找她/他...

4. 当她/他受伤或生病时, 你会很关心她, 替她/他著急..

5. 当她/他和别人要好时, 你会感到吃不知其味...

6. 当你看到她/他那甜美的笑时, 你的嘴角会扬起一丝得意的笑..

7. 当你看到这篇文章时,心里想到某个人

love is too deep to be use here,

i think like is more suitable for these few sentences

so, do u get through these?

congrates, if u are agree with these statements

means u are in love with someone

for those who dont have this kind of feelings

nvm, u can still find for it :D

2 is better than 1?

i prefer single more xD

Saturday, April 17, 2010

planned to go 1u with karyan and sinpeng
but at last failed to do so cause karyan's mum not allowed

woei shya agree to go with me to buy dess for ir =]
yoon yeep, ah mah and junliang joined us
cause they wanted to buy something too

missed the bus due to some reason ==
* someone late for 40minutes
and we had to wait for him :X
waited another 1 hour? for the bus ==
reached 1u by 11something
after having our breakfast at wong kok
we seperated to shop for own things
* cause our aim not same what

today's outfits

woei shya :)


our 1st station, forever 21

i like the dress that i wore
it cost RM79.90
quite cheap >< * but i scared it will drop ==

simply snap while waiting

another dress that i like too
* ws and mine 1
the white colour 1 quite big size
and expensive too [ RM140+ ] :X

my 1 cost RM119.90
poor, next time only buy u :D

until 2something i still cant find any suitable dress
that time really fed up already

so went for a movie with those guys

the movie was so funny lar!
and the girl sat behind us laughed so loud ==
after movie, shop again
finally, i bought 1 dress at nichii :)
for RM89.90

and some make up things at etude house

dinner at 先定味 * isit?
the food was nice, enjoyed
but expensive lar :X

back at 9something with bus
photo session:

at toilet ==

with shya

thanks her for accompany me to buy dress
asked her for n times to go ir
but she rejected :X

the guys, junliang, yoon yeep & ah mah
thanks them too :)

have a nice time with them
enjoyed a lot :)
but my money all fly away already TT

Sunday, April 11, 2010

since i had promised to go 1u today
so i missed the chance to go out with jwen them
and unable to attend my cousin 21 years old's birthday party
* sorry guys
but i have fun with them today! :)
as usual, went cheong k at neway
but since we got long time didnt sing already
we kept out of tone xD


* the sausage was so long ==

shopping after that!
went forever21 to try some dress
but we dont have money
so cant buy :(

dinner at 'the garden'
1st time ate there
the environment was nice!
and the food..
im not sure :X
cause my 1 not very nice LOL!

tea: pink rose

i have decide to go IR
but dont have dress dont have shoes ==

the important point is... no money!

how to go??