Sunday, November 28, 2010


HELLOOO! :D I'm here to blog again XD Because tomorrow is math paper, so I can relax a bit :X But I hope that my math paper can get A+ of course. Pray hard! Dont make any mistakes! @@

Well, this few days I kept watching cartoon although I still got exam, am I crazy? @@ I think so? LOL! Have to control myself already. By the way, Digimon is really nice! xD I'm chasing the 3rd series. * my favourite * I dont think that this is childish. :D I just do whatever I want to do, that's me :)

3 papers down, BM, BI and SJ. Phewww!!! Finally sj ended! :D But I know this is not the end yet. Still have to study sj when i go college .___. 7 subjects to go!!! And holiday is waving there! :DD But when I remember NS! Goshh, it spoils all my plans @@ Whatever, letter please don't come to me LOL!

Okay! Gonna stop here. Bye bye! :)

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Hey everyone! My blog is still alive :DDD Dont worry, although spm is coming * yea, next TUESDAY! OMG OMG OMG! * but I will still try to manage my blog well. Hope I'm not dissapointing to those who got view my blog yea :)

I have some questions here. Anyone can give me suggestions or ideas please leave me comments, thankss! :)

Anyone knows which college is ( really ) good in MASS COM?
Underline: fees with low/medium cost * I can't affort expensive costs :( *
And major in PR. So, if you got any ideas, please inform me :) I need your help. Thanks people!

Thursday, November 18, 2010


Tuesday, 16 november 2010 was my secondary school's graduation day. I still remember that when I was standard six, my tears droped like waterfall, I can't stop it at all. But I know, now, I won't cry. Not because I don't love my secondary school life and friends, but I know, we can still meet each other after this :) I believe this is not the end.

Woke up early in the morning to prepare everything. Thanks brother for fetching me to school :D * I said this is the last time, haha! * Caught by prefect because of long nails .__. Fine, last day of school, still wanted to treat me like that. Skipped that.

Ceremony started at 8.30 with principal's speech. Woots! My class teacher, Pn.Cheong wore the cheongsam again! She is so pretty lar! While waiting our turn to receive our sijil, as usual, chit-chat and took photos down there. You can see cameras everywhere :O Okay, our turned to receive our sijil. Damn nervous that time, I dont know why :) Ceremony ended by singing the school song.

Photos time! :DDD Everyone busy took photos with each other. But I was regret that I still have many friends that I didn't take with :(

The album that we gave to Pn.Cheong :D Memorable

Group photos :)

Used addmath formulae to express our feelings :D

My message to teacher, not really long la XD

Friends that sit around me :DDD

We love volleyball

This is 5B

Big family :D

3 words to express my feeling to you all,

I love you, 5B :D

Monday, November 15, 2010


Soon, I'm going to end my tuition life. Sometimes, students are lazy to go tuition right? Haha, I think this is normal for everyone. Cause tuition is boring and tiring. But some are not! If the teachers got their own methods to cure this, then the atmosphere won't be boring. So the students also will like to listen to what teachers teach.

I like to go to addmath tuition class. Mr.Pang is the addmath teacher. He is really funny all the time. I understand the way he teaches. Last Saturday, he treated all of us ( Form5 students ) a meal at his house. LOL! Thanks teacher! We did enjoy, although sometime we stayed quiet. Haha!

The boys

The girls. Busy watching tv show that time LOL! Yes, you can see KFC there :D


Take 1

Take 2

Take 3

Take 4

With swing :D My silly face .______.

Tomorrow is my secondary school's graduation day. Tons of pictures will be taken. Check it up the next day :)

Saturday, November 13, 2010


Today is our last day of school. Although next tuesday is our graduation day, but form 3 and form 4 classes didn't come to school that day. I miss the chance to take photo with the them :( I dont know when I can meet them again. Probably next year? If I got go back to school.

I still managed to snap some photos with classmates at class. LOL! I think this is normal for students who are going to graduate right? HAHA! Photos time:

This is the big family with our cute class teacher :D Opps! A bit blurr?

Friends :)

LOL! The same expression for every photos :O I dont know how to smile. With teeth :X

With the boys

Us. The girls at same row. Same hobby, like to sleep at class LOL!

My calculator :) It helps me a lot in my exam.

The coming week, graduation day.

The next next week, SPM week start!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


Another friend's birthday celebration. Well, she is a very clever girl. Good in study. Know piano and guitar too. Someone who always chat with me, knows me well too? HAHA! But zat me all the times ._____.

Actually I planned to ask hui ching go without letting her knows. But at last, she knew it :O Whatever. But still got something that she dont know x) I wanted to try the buffet at depastry chef, but who knows, need to book. Cause fulled already! @@ Well, we can only have our dinner at the cake shop. By the way, we still enjoyed :D


the birthday girl, yvone, with her chicken chop

hui ching's dessert, blueberry cake
this is what i ordered, not bad. But i forgot the name already LOL!
Black pepper chicken chop

Another pasta that ordered from w.shya

Chocolate cake

1,2,3...! This is hui ching. She is cute :D

Another 1... Yong xin :)

Yeah, we wanted to show you our expressions lol. This is w.shya :D

She seems surprised to receive her present. We asked her to pose that :D

Yup! That is David Archuleta's fans edition! :DDD She likes it very much!
Kept taking photos :D

Opps! Why so dark huh? TT

Kiss and love :D

Not expensive right? By the way, i used a lot of money this week :X

I hoped she did enjoy the birthday celebration. Statisfy? HEHE! I think I did a great job? :D

Before I go to sleep, last 1, my picture.

Just for fun ._____.

Thursday, November 4, 2010


It was really fun yesterday! We have our class party before SPM. Cool right? xD But we did enjoy the party last night. Okays, I'm not going to explain much, photos can tell you the story right? Let's go :D


the gang :D

we love SNSD!

mushroom soup

kah chuah :D she is cute

with our lenglui class teacher, pn.cheong! :D

with the 2lengluis, kuik & munn :D

LOL! funny pose! xD

us, 5B

* Too many pictues, I dont want to upload all here. You can visit here if you want to see more, eminey lee, aliens hoh, shumeen, yoonyeep and vinno.

Movie [ life as we know it ] after that. 1a.m only back home. Woots! First time I went back home so late with my friends. But this is valueble! I appreciate all these. I will keep it as our memories. As they say, we only have one secondary school life. We should really appreciate the time we left now. Anyways, I love 5B :D Hope that we still have fantastic gathering like this next time :) Good luck!