Thursday, August 23, 2012


Okay, it's been a really freaking long time I never update my blog. Hmmm, let's see the last post, APRIL?! I wonder how many times I've abandoned my blog since I enrolled to college life. :/ I'm having my sem break now, but what I can say is, year 2 life is freaking busy. Everyday every weeks I have to busy for my assignments and some other stuff. Finally, it comes to sem break after the torturing weeks for final.

So, IT'S SEM BREAK! What to do? Trip? Work? Gathering? What else? I'm always desperate to go for tripssssss, anyone wanna bring me along? :/ However, the main problem is, I DON'T HAVE MONEY TO GO! Sighhhhhhhh ): What I can do is WORK! PART TIME JOBS NEEDED!!! I don't know why recently it's so hard for me to find jobs, not even one! Or else, I miss it.

I'll try my best to maintain my blog, IF I'm not busy and lazy :P Just a little short update here, ciaozzzz! :D

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