Saturday, April 7, 2012


I ALMOST FORGET I'VE A BLOG HERE!!! :/ *Slap myself How could I forget it. Blame the laziness of mine that make me don't feel like blogging. Since I'm having a almost-one-month-sem-break now, I will try my best to update it. :D I PROMISE! Wonder how many times I've promised it? LOL! I've no idea, but I knew it's quite many times already. :X *Fingercrossed

What can I do for this one-month-sem-break huh? The only thing that comes to my mind at first is WORK! Yeah, I need part time jobs badly. I'm a serious candidate! Please hire me cause I need money. :/ Perhaps the resumes I sent were acceptable. PLEASE! Promoter, ushers, sampling, flyers.. Anything will do. I wanna gain more working experiences as I do think that it will help me for my future career. I need to communicate more, IN ENGLISH! :/ Seriously, I seldom speak in English unless I meet banana LOL! Nobody wants to speak with me in English at college, so I usually type but not speak.

Bet you might be curious why I need to earn money so much. Thanks to my greediness! Remember that I bought a camera-LX5 and iphone4 last year? Hell yeah, I need to return the money to my sister as I lend it from her to buy my camera. Some more, the monthly fees for Iphone4 can really kill me since I don't really work when I've class. T^T Now you know what situation I'm?

HELP: Anyone knows how to manage the following list? Cause when I click the manage button, it turned out error! And I've no idea how to fix it. Please leave a comment here if you know how to fix it, thanks.


IMMA CHATIME LOVER! Tell me what flavor is nice, I would like to try all of them :D

Love this song so much! Invincible by Nikki Flores. Seriously, fall in love with her voice!

I will come back here again!

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